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    Titanic II (2010)

    This is among the more horrible movies ever made. Unlike The Room, who's writer, director, producer and star (the legendary Tennessee Williams Tommy Wiseau) is of a foreign land (which land that is, nobody outside of him and Greg Sestero has any clue), Titanic II boasts an all-American writer, director and star in Shane Van Dyke. He does, in fact, come from *the* Van Dyke family, which makes all the more confusing why he is so clueless as to how to write a film in proper colloquial English. A quick perusal of his IMDB page shows that there are several other HDTGM candidates, the only one I have seen is Titanic II, and therefore that is the only one I can vouch for as truly laughably terrible. Oh, and the CGI rivals only the Castle Wolfenstein game I played as a child on MS-DOS. Maybe.