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  1. Hello Earwolf! I've been slowly making my way through your catalogue and thoroughly enjoying myself. And today I just finished the Earwolf Challenge series. I enjoyed it so much. As an amateur performance artist and fervent admirer/practitioner of goof, I really appreciated Matt's in-depth critiques; they are lessons for all performers. I live in Ashland, Oregon, and I'm currently working with a director on creating an improvisational clown character that I can take into public spaces to perform with, as well as doing some other theatre/music performance stuff in the area, after a hiatus of 20 years; the Earwolf Challenge was a great encouragement and instruction for me. I continue to listen to Comedy Bang Bang in particular for inspiration as well as pure enjoyment, and I'm so happy I found you all. Thanks to Matt Besser and everyone else involved in the process of the creation of this reality podcast competition. I hope that you do it again. It was funny, absorbing and very informative about the craft of comedy. Thanks, and please keep up the great work, Earwolf. Daniel