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    When not working my terrible jobs, I occasionally get to work on terrible movies. I've worked in or on over a dozen film and television projects, including HDTGM alumni "Abduction". I also get to drive by the cemetery from "Night of the Living Dead" every day.

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  1. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    HDTGM movies and their RT scores

    I swear, I don’t remember a specific moment from that movie, just that certain things happened. I think Spider-Man 3 was saved from being notoriously bad by being notoriously forgettable. Nothing seemed to work, and it did it in such a perfect balance that it wasn’t bad ENOUGH in any particular direction. It was no Batman & Robin when it came to franchise killers!
  2. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 185 - Adore

    I feel like I have to register just for reading the premise.
  3. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    If only the screenwriter of "Jason X" that had never seen a previous "Friday the 13th" movie was Jonathan Nolan, right? I mean, "Interstellar" was okay, but if Matt Damon's character had been Jason Voorhees instead, it would have been perfect!
  4. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    "Jason Lives" is my favorite in the series (I think this and "Final Chapter" are THE movies that people that don't really know the series think of when they hear "Friday the 13th"), and it was actually the first one to feature the camp being USED, which adds that extra element of danger. I mean, by that point, he's been killed by a kid in a previous installment and you kind of sort of have a sense of his "rules", so you're not necessarily expecting him to start offing the underage campers, but it makes for a cooler environment.
  5. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    Avatar Press also made a lot of comics based on Friday the 13th (including Jason X), Nightmare on Elm Street, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which were all New Line properties at the time, and they were SUPER gory and trashy, but a lot of fun. I think there was even a Jason Vs. Jason X one-shot or mini, but I'll be damned if I remember how they tried to make sense of that. Later on, all of those comics moved over to DC/Wildstorm, where they became less explicit, but had better stories and decent creators on them. I think I E-Bayed off all the Avatar issues I had, and I really wish that someone would reprint them.
  6. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 170 - Bratz

    I forget what was said exactly, but one of the hosts said something along the lines of "It would have been one thing if they showed them being a band/singing songs at the beginning...", which reminded me of a recent movie that DID start like that, Kevin Smith's "Yoga Hosers", in which his daughter and Johnny Depp's kid are doing a cover of Anthrax's "I'm the Man" for...reasons. Talk about a movie that has no idea what its audience is...
  7. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 170 - Bratz

    The marketing for this "It" movie sure is weird, guys...
  8. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Emoji Movie (2017)

    The poster for this movie says it's rated PG for "Rude Humor". It should ALSO say "...And One Of The Characters Might Be A Piece Of Shit. Literally. A Walking, Talking Piece Of Shit."
  9. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    Speaking of "Southland Tales", I absolutely hate their reason for not going after it. I believe Paul said that they know and are friends with people that are in it, which we know already, given that half the cast of Saturday Night Live from 1994-2002 is in it and that there are approximately 1.2 million speaking parts. I mean, I may have wandered on set one day and been in the movie myself, THERE'S JUST NO WAY OF KNOWING. Anyway, the movie is a trainwreck worth talking about that no ONE person (besides maybe Richard Kelly) can be blamed for. If any of the HDTGM crew's friends DID do particularly shitty work in it though, they could talk around that all day long and we STILL probably wouldn't know who they were talking about, because the whole thing is madness. I still hold to my original theory from several years ago though, and that's that HDTGM FEARS "Southland Tales".
  10. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 166.5 - Minisode 166.5

    I'm okay with them, but they're usually not my first choice. I work a lot of wrestling shows and don't get out of those until pretty late, and then a lot of us hang out and grab a bite, so it's usually Denny's, Eat n' Park, or Primanti's (which is open until 2) after the show, depending on where we are and what the closest option is.
  11. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 166.5 - Minisode 166.5

    In the Pittsburgh area, we have Primanti Bros., a chain of restaurants that has a lot of good stuff, and they put coleslaw on EVERYTHING. Not seen anywhere on their menu? A raisin option. They put coleslaw on everything and not once do they mention them, which goes to show JUST how absurd of an idea it is!
  12. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 166.5 - Minisode 166.5

  13. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    Maybe these videos just exist so that they can be watched ironically at a later date then? "I've never once wanted to watch the video of me making the big game-winning play in the state football championship, but now that I've had my legs destroyed in a horrific car accident, I can't think of a better way to take my mind off of things!".
  14. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    I just got to the part where they're talking about actor/activist Ron Silva's gross mouth sounds, where Paul says he probably just brought his craft service stuff into the scene, and that reminded me of how I've seen movies and shows that I've worked on where the character has a coffee cup or something that DID just come from catering. If there's a scene in an office or a police station or something, you'll see them all over the place.
  15. PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    I want to say that it's happened a lot in other movies, but I'm struggling to come up with an older example at the moment. As far as that trope is concerned though, it made me think that if you were filming ANYTHING with your family in it back then, they were pretty much fucked, because the only time you ever see anyone watching these videos back is in cases JUST like this, where a wife and/or kid has been killed. No one's ever watching them for fun, not that they're fun things to watch anyway. I film weddings on the side, and holy shit, talk about a waste of money...