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  1. Timon and Pumba eat bugs and it's just... Ew! Yucky!
  2. Hey, Matt. Did you ever figure this out? I'd love to get a copy shipped to the UK.
  3. Foltaire

    Episode 284 - Tim Heidecker, Our Close Friend

    This is the HH ep I've really been waiting for, Now the HH I'm really waiting for is Tim Heidecker again but with both boys in the lab.
  4. Foltaire

    Episode 578 - Right Off The Batman

    Haven't listened to a CBB in a while but this sounds too good to miss!
  5. Foltaire

    Episode 268 - Adam Conover, Our Close Friend

    Remember on the very first episode when they called the man Mr. Schmidt?
  6. Foltaire

    Episode 260 - Jo Firestone, Our Gameshow Friend

    Could maybe save some letters and just call her 'Jo Flint' but this is cool otherwise. Also - first comment! HI MUM! Hehehhehe
  7. Foltaire

    Episode 256 - Tom Scharpling, Our New Host

    Tom Scharpling is an anagram of 'ranch pig molts'.
  8. Hearing four creeps in a room pouring over the minutiae of a 'urine's eye view camera' had me in stitches.
  9. Oh yeah I forgot he did say that too didn't he?
  10. As my Mexican friend said after I offered him some of my MDMA: "thank you, I am going to enjoy joe mandy".
  11. Foltaire

    Earwolf at Edinburgh

    I am (and every year) - I see you're a local too!
  12. Foltaire


    My uncle has a podcast where he washes cars or something.
  13. Foltaire

    Episode 251 - Tim Baltz, Our Close Friend

    tim-BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLTTZZZZ! *he hacks down the tree and it falls*