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  1. You're a good, powerful person with a fine set of hands!
  2. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 316 — In the Larp Run

    Reggie Watts, laying down the best predictive rhymes of this or any other generation
  3. Just mush it into your face until fudge happens!
  4. You're not gonna like it. Ooh, you're not gonna like this. Buy one get one free on tubes of cookie dough. I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you.
  5. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 315 — Sandwich Therapy

    I love episodes that don't necessarily escalate into absurdity but still maintain their hilarity throughout. Wengert's devotion to his simple premise, couched in new-agey spiritual nonsense, worked perfectly. I can't wait to check out the oral history of this episode on Netflix!
  6. Now wait just a Milli Vanillisecond!
  7. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 221 — The Cake Council

    I guess you could say Roman and Vilalalene had to divorce over irreconsyllable differences!
  8. It's just a fun name to say.
  9. I feel like by the time we get to a new U2 album, we'll be saying it's been a while since the last U2 album! But there are clearly still topics to be covered, if we have any hopes of this truly being the encyclopedic compendium of all things U2. In particular, I am wondering why Adam Scott Aukerman hasn't welcomed friend of Earwolf, the Vicar of Yanks, into the studio, to discuss "Cavity Search", his classic parody of U2's "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me"! They can get into the real important questions... when did Weird Al first hear of U2? What are the names of the band members? Does he love films? What's his fuckstyle (is it a parody of somebody else's fuckstyle)? I know I'm itching to learn the answers to these questions (and more?)
  10. ^ ISSBEENAWHYYYYLE since I had my login information!
  11. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 58 — In The Name of The King

    You may be interested to know...
  12. GregJ.Hansen

    Breeders (1986)

    I was about to call foul because I thought this was one of Cronenberg's early movies, but it isn't. Whew! Definitely sounds like a rip-off of a Cronenberg concept though (cf. Shivers or The Brood).
  13. GregJ.Hansen

    Color of Night

    I think you mean Bruce's willis.
  14. "That's" short for "that is".
  15. GregJ.Hansen

    Bring back Forvel!

    His prolonged absence does tend to make one a bit stabby.
  16. Is this what is known in the showbiz industry as a "get"? Or is that when a former child star is arrested on drug possession charges?
  17. Well played. Now, I'm off to organize these lima beans based on their curvature.
  18. GregJ.Hansen

    A Talking Cat!?! (2013)

    I just heard about this today! I swear, people are following me around the A.V. Club website and suggesting or mentioning things I was looking at. Random Roles: Eric Roberts
  19. GregJ.Hansen

    The Number 23 (2007)

    You sound pretty blocked up, have you considered a gentle laxative?
  20. GregJ.Hansen

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

    No, I definitely wasn't! I don't know why you would think I was, given the backstory presented thus far.
  21. GregJ.Hansen


    There there, this is a safe space! I don't think anyone was jumping on you personally. Allow me to welcome you to the fold. To somebody swimming into the deeper waters of film, as it were, Cronenberg (and Videodrome in particular) can be system shockers. Definitely a unique filmmaker presenting an insane view of the world, but it's an internally consistent insanity for the most part. With a few exceptions, HDTGM episodes tend towards those films which are just an illogical mess inside and out.
  22. GregJ.Hansen

    Episode 18 — Fake Girl Voice

    Did you know "Jason Bateman" is an anagram of "Jeans o' Batman"? Think about it.