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    Episode 33 — Abduction

    First things first. This is my new favorite podcast. You guys have amazing chemistry and the unique ability to make me feel like I am in the room with you. Every show has been fantastic, and I know you work hard for very little financial gain, if any. This is a passion project and I love it. That said, this episode was the first I had to stop listening to. Frankly, the guest host was unlistenable. Whereas I usually love the back and forth and feel that you find a real groove in the show, Jessica just plowed through every one of her comments if others were talking or not. It sounded like even Jason had had enough of it around minute 11:00. ("Why are you arguing with us?!") I checked out at minute 13:00. I actually found myself shouting at the radio whenever Jessica spoke. I don't want to be one of "those people" that shout at imaginary voices so I bailed. I know that comedy is all about poking the bear, doing the risky, throwing yourself out there. But it also has to be funny. Jessica wasn't, and her endless droning absolutely derailed the show. Of course I will be back next week, but I needed to register for the forums just to let you know this is the only time I have just stared at my iPod and wondered if I downloaded The View by accident. I, for one, would prefer no guest host most episodes. You guys are absolutely hilarious, and while the guest hosts sometimes have things to contribute, I usually wish they were absent. Three comedians with impeccable chops are enough, and you guys slay me. I implore you, keep murdering me, but Jessica has got to go.