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  1. Hey guys, this seems like a fairly basic question but I haven't figured out how to google the right combination of words to get an answer... I want to play a video on my Mac and comment on it as it's playing, recording both (just sound for the video for an audio podcast). So far I've only been able to talk over the video, and then edit the video sound in later so it can be heard in garageband, which is a pain especially if I have to stop and start the video. So ideally I'd like to record whatever's playing on the computer along with my voice. If this is easier on PC with audacity that is an option for me as well. I should note that I'm recording using a USB mixer (Behringer XENYX X1204USB 12-Channel Mixer). I tried plugging the audio out jack on my mac to the auxiliary input on the mixer, which allows me to hear the video through my headphones, along with my voice, but when I record in garageband all that's played back is the voice. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. crumbly

    Episode 229 — Two Thumbs & Not Much Else

    Agreed with everyone that this was a great episode. I especially enjoyed it because my girlfriend will often launch into "POOR! All my life I've always been POOR!" and the song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, so I can sympathize with Bennie Shwah.
  3. crumbly

    Episode 156 — Anniversary Party!

    Christopher hitchens is the first ghost on the show? Who could forget ghost boy? Anyway, excellent show. Thanks for three hilarious years.
  4. WHAT'S IN THE BUCKET? WHAT'S IN THE BUCKET? Awesome bonus morsel, thanks!