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  1. https://soundcloud.com/hallelujahthehills/what-are-the-things-youd-like-to-plug/s-m3hnN
  2. AllThisPaperwork

    Why isn't James Adomian in everything all the time?

    Have you seen this yet?
  3. You guys rule, Besser rules, the show rules, Brett rules. Thanks for listening to our music! That is all.
  4. AllThisPaperwork

    Episode 136 — Hallelujah the Hills

    New Hallelujah the Hills video with James Adomian as the new band manager http://exclaim.ca/MusicVideo/ClickHear/hallelujah_hills-try_this_instead_video
  5. AllThisPaperwork

    Brett Morris Appreciation Thread

    Brett rules. He mic'd and mixed my band for that Improv4Humans episode in, like, 10 minutes and it sounded better than most radio performances where you sound check for over an hour. Plus, the NICEST dude.
  6. AllThisPaperwork

    Episode 1424 - "Weird Al" Yankovic

    The story about Casey Kasem saying, "We're leaving now" was incredible.
  7. AllThisPaperwork

    Episode 1423 - Todd Levin

    I love The Beach Boys, but "Little Deuce Coup can suck my dick" needs to be in the intro next year.
  8. AllThisPaperwork

    Episode 136 — Hallelujah the Hills

    Thanks Punctured Jesus!
  9. AllThisPaperwork

    Episode 136 — Hallelujah the Hills

    Guys, we went on trial for not being "real" music in 2009. We were cleared all of all charges. I ASSURE you, this is #Real music.
  10. AllThisPaperwork

    Episode 136 — Hallelujah the Hills

    Thanks for listening, guys! We had the best time. Most of the songs we played our from our new album: http://hallelujahthehills.bandcamp.com/album/have-you-ever-done-something-evil And we love all u haters too! XO, HTH
  11. AllThisPaperwork

    Episode 1406 - Rich Sommer

    The band discussed at length in this episode is the musical guest of this week's Improv4Humans http://www.earwolf.com/episode/hallelujah-the-hills/
  12. AllThisPaperwork

    Episode 136 — Hallelujah the Hills

    If you're in Boston, Hallelujah the Hills play their CD release show Friday night at Great Scott!
  13. AllThisPaperwork

    Episode 158 — Words with Friends

    Plugs theme! Yay. Our new album is out next Tuesday. We love CBB and we're glad the guests got a chuckle out of our plugs theme. http://hallelujahthehills.com/
  14. We had a really productive practice last night! Our theme submission ---> http://soundcloud.co...-hallelujah-the Thanks! www.hallelujahthehills.com