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    Episode 113.5 — 2/1/13 TWO CHARTED 52

    We thank-em you for this gifts theme! best one yet.
  2. phebuswink

    Episode 114.5 — Sklarbro County 19

    I have a friend who is a neonatal nurse so she gets great baby name stories. Best one: Woman comes in has already had two kids: D'Best (not sure of spelling but pronounced Da Best) and D'Greatest Third kid is born, and is named ... D'Anthony I cant think of a better name and situation to give a younger brother a inferiority complex from birth. (Not Florida btw, central Illinois)
  3. phebuswink

    Episode 153 — Jing It Or Ding It!

    Actually liked Jing it or Ding it, but I think you need a third option, like spring it (a button that makes the boy-yoing noise) to confuse things further. Dingle Bells, made me awkwardly laugh out loud at work