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  1. Guess when I first fell in love with Earwolf. Now guess why I'm still in love with Earwolf. (Earwolf is a hole in the ground, right?)
  2. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 75 — HALF OF THE BOTH

    Scott Miller was top fiver for me. His death was horrific. Here's Ted covering one of Scott's best songs.
  3. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 1401 - Joe Lo Truglio

    What a joy!
  4. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 26 — Never Not Funny

    Uhhhhh.... Bag o' corn, friend?
  5. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 000 — The Teaser Episode

    Wow! The number one comedy podcast on iTunes, and the number 3 overall. I subscribed and rated it to do what I can to help keep up the awareness of this. Now I clench my teeth in awful anticipation for two months.
  6. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 262 — 2013 Holiday Spectacular

    Goddam ghosts.
  7. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 158.5 — 12/13/13 TWO CHARTED 97

    Try Big Star, guys. Especially you, Stard. And PLEASE get Chip on the show.
  8. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Wait, whuuuuuuuuuut?!?

    I don't even know what to say anymore.
  9. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 258 — Yoke Jams

    Am I the only guy who has several Smog albums, but had no idea what song Bob Ducca was singing?
  10. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 8 — Who’s Got My Goo Balls?

    This is the first time I've ever listened to another podcast before CBB.
  11. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 153.5 — 11/08/13 TWO CHARTED 92

    Please get Chip on the show.
  12. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 254 — LIVE from Comedy Gives Back

    I saw you tweeted Scott that you donated $10. How DARE you!
  13. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 152.5 — 11/01/13 TWO CHARTED 91

    I love to no end that Brett favorited that picture of "Beans."
  14. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 152 — Overture

    A nut valet, What's that you say? It's sommet that'll make you go AWWWHHOOOO
  15. VampiresVampiresVampires

    Episode 252 — The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

    I'm probably (definitely) wrong, but did Scott give a clue to a b-b-b-onus-s-s episode? This was a fine entry, but I miss Ghost Boy.