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  1. MotorboatJones

    Preview: What Is Unspooled?

    I'm in! This could be a lot of fun. Listening to HDTGM, it's clear that Paul loves movies, but there have definitely been times when I thought he wasn't too aware of movie history. It will be interesting to see movies considered to be classics seen through the lenses of both a novice and someone who is more versed in film history. I listened to the first episode and will definitely be sticking around for more.
  2. MotorboatJones

    Episode 164 - The Wraith: LIVE!

    Paul mentioned the Kenny Rogers movie Six Pack which I think he described as "Bad News Bears for NASCAR". I remember this movie fondly as a kid because it was constantly on cable. Of note, two of the kids in that movie were played by Anthony Michael Hall and Diane Lane (both featured on the right of the photo below). Also featured, Erin Gray of Buck Rogers and Silver Spoons fame.
  3. MotorboatJones

    Episode 105 - Eraserhead vs. Blue Velvet (w/ Michael Nordine)

    I agree with this. Having Amy and Devin together created a pretty consistent dynamic that was complemented by guests when they had them. Right now, I feel that the new Canon has been faltering a bit in finding it's voice because it's too dependent on a the ever-changing guests. I think a consistent co-host would bring that back to the show. I still enjoy the show quite a lot -- there isn't another movie podcast I've found that I enjoy as much. I do miss the regular back and forth of Canon 1.0 though. Going to abstain from voting. I've seen both, but not within the last 20 years. Back then, I think I would have sided with Blue Velvet, but I'd really rather re-visit rather than base on old perspective and I don't think I'll have the opportunity to see these films again within the next few days.
  4. MotorboatJones

    Episode 99 - Sign o' the Times vs. Stop Making Sense

    Well, color me surprised that the episode with Armond White falls into the "harmoniously agree" box.
  5. MotorboatJones

    Ask Paul!

    Paul, Have you ever had one of those school-type nightmares about the show where you find yourself at live show and you aren't prepared to discuss the selected movie, so you have to wing it. Then you find out that you're supposed to take apart the Godfather or some other movie classic?
  6. MotorboatJones

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    Airplane! pre-dated the Police Squad TV show. I didn't see anyone mention that the director of this movie was 70's TV mainstay, Nancy Walker. She was Rhoda's mother, Ida Morgenstern, on Rhoda as well as the Bounty paper towels pitchwoman. By the way, I love Valerie Perrine. I think that's deeply ingrained in me from coming across this issue of Playboy as a young boy.
  7. MotorboatJones

    Submit clips here!

    A very angry man:
  8. I'm kind of fascinated by Kim Fowley, so I was thrilled to see that he was the guest. After seeing the Mayor of Sunset Strip and the Runaways doc without Joan Jett or Runaways music, I became convinced that Kim needs his own documentary. (The Runaways need a proper documentary as well, but that's another story). I dug the show. Sure, Kim took over and did how own thing, but it might not have felt like a Kim Fowley interview if he didn't. I was glad to hear Rodney get pulled into the mix as well. On an unrelated note, I was thrilled to hear about the UCB midnight screening, but was disappointed to deduce from the movie's description that it won't be the long promised Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band live commentary. I'm still planning to go though.
  9. MotorboatJones

    Episode 242 — Veggie Dongs

    I love Neko Case like Neko Case loves Tyne Daly.
  10. MotorboatJones

    Omission: Howard the Duck

    The show brought up the beatnik bartender that cheers on Howard when he takes on Beverly's manager. That's actually Thomas Dolby.
  11. MotorboatJones

    Episode 40 — Boy, Am I Glued!

    I came to the realization during the podcast that I've never actually heard the song Disco Duck. As a child of the 70s, I certainly thought I'd heard Disco Duck. All I'd previously heard was just little snippet of chorus, and I think I knew that only from sheer repetition in K-tel compilation commercials. Great episode, Jake. My favorites tend to be the one-on-one, slightly geekier eps not in front of an audience, but thus one was a whole lot of fun and there was great chemistry among all involved.
  12. MotorboatJones

    Episode 60.5 — Minisode 60.5

    At 18:15, Paul mistakenly indicates that he wrote a comic book for Aliens vs. Predator. BTW, when Paul started talking about Ebert, did anyone else think they were going have an episode around Beyond the valley of the Dolls?
  13. MotorboatJones

    Episode 58.5 - Minisode 58.5

    My kids discovered this when it was streaming on Netflix and love it, so if its target was young girls (which it probably was), it's pretty successful.
  14. Another great episode! Related to the commercial that used "Walk on the Wild Side," let's not forget that Lou Reed did this: Also, given the discussion that the actual lyrics to "Walk on the Wild Side" are in contrast to the advertiser's message, does anyone remember the Wrangler Jeans commercials that used Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Fortunate Son" to give their commercial a patriotic message? For those unfamiliar, the opening lyrics to "Fortunate Son" are these: Except they only used the first two lines in the commercial to give the song a completely different meaning. Unfortunately, I can't find it online. John Fogerty of CCR, who signed away his legal rights to the song through bad business dealing, comments on it here: http://www.sfgate.co...-me-2757730.php
  15. MotorboatJones

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    When do we get an episode of a comedian extolling the virtues of this 70s sports comedy?