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    Episode 57.5 — Minisode 57.5

    So, just finished the movie and a few things popped out at me: 1) Ray Liotta appears to be playing Evil Wizard Liberace. 2) NO ONE in the movie ever bleeds, even if they've just been killed by a sword. The only blood I can remember is the little cut on Evil Wizard Liberace There's no blood on any weapons either (most notable the one Claire Forlani runs through Evil Wizard Liberace). 3) Are Kristianna Loken and her merry band of circus acrobats supposed to be elves, amazons, or both? 4) Damn near every kill in this movie is show from behind the back of the person being killed, which because both the fight choreography and the cinematography are GARBAGE and it's too hard to make sword combat look anything remotely realistic, apparently.
  2. echidnaguy

    Torque (2004)

    Sorry to break it to you guys, but this movie is kind of intentionally WTF insane. The director has been on the Slashfilm podcast a few times and has discussed the problems he's had with the movie in depth. Most especially (I think) this one: http://www.slashfilm...ctor-of-torque/ On the other hand, he's pretty damn funny and since he's pretty receptive to podcasting, he might be viable as a guest along the lines of the Punisher or Crank 2 episode.