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    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

    I agree one-hundred percent. The enormity of this movie's summer hype was matched only by its ridiculousness. I think it floats perfectly between nostalgia and craziness, making a watchable movie that is massively silly.
  2. NicholasByrne

    The Sitter

    No, I'm pretty sure this was terrible at every stage. You can blame production, but that has no bearing on Jonah Hill trying to improv riff with a kid he simultaneously takes off meds, exposes as gay, and cracks jokes with to make feel good enough to continue helping him. Hill is clearly scraping the bottom of his clever barrel trying to add spin to dialogue so wooden that George Lucas could have written it. These characters could have had their own two hour movie for the express purpose of character development and it would not make an audience understand how they fit together, or care that they are meant to. Jack and Jill is certainly terrible, good thing "terrible" is not a mutually exclusive adjective.
  3. NicholasByrne

    The Sitter

    Holy shit, this movie is terrible. The improv is awful, the script is peppered with a disjointed narrative where massive life problems are solved at the drop of a hat. Also it's got its own rap song.