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  1. CrescentTay

    Episode 89 — Grown-Up Laughs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNjZLOWlStk Here is Bane's voice before editing. Still scurrs me. I'm with Chelsea on this one. Too evil for my blood.
  2. CrescentTay

    Episode 63 — Relationships

    Tig, I'm sure zillions of people will have stories for you about their experience with this but add me to the pile. I went through stage 2b breast cancer a couple years ago (not saying you have cancer for sure but if...). It was terrifying but they have come so far with treatments for breast cancer. Chemo and the subsequent surgery and treatments were no where near what I thought it would be. I worked most of the time without much issue. It was hard but not insurmountable. Cold comfort I know, but for me knowing I wasn't alone got me through the fear. You are strong and surrounded by people that love you. That is strong medicine in itself. Hang in there and breathe and try to just take it day by day. Sending you tons of good energy and support, Crescent Prah
  3. CrescentTay

    Episode 52 — Tig is Back!

    Man that was intense. Thank you for the brave and honest account of such a heartbreaking story. It provided some much needed perspective today. The friendship you all share is a beautiful one.
  4. CrescentTay

    Episode 25 — Hiroshima Orgies

    "Hey, we're not stopping you from redeeming those meats for money somewhere else." slayed me.