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  1. onReload

    The Butterfly Effect (2004)

    Started rewatching it just now, it's on Netflix. Immediately went to look up if HDTGM covered it, they really need to
  2. onReload

    Episode 496 - The Dream Lords

    we got "clit" before 10 minutes passed lol
  3. onReload

    Episode 495 - Who CBBeefed?

    he mentioned klobb and i was like wait...that's not a real gun, this has to be a goldeneye reference. was happy
  4. onReload

    Episode 295 - Rebecca Black

    This is last week's episode
  5. onReload

    Episode 271 - Dan Levy

    that shoes track is fucking fire
  6. I...don't think I can believe this caller. Just too many crazy stories for one person, right?
  7. Wait. Is the title a Jay-Z/Kanye pun, Chris?
  8. onReload

    Episode 435 - Jim Gaffigan Says No

    20 minutes in and I gotta say, Jim Gaffigan is a damn funny guy. I usually don't laugh out loud, but I was doing it on this one.
  9. i went to temple and suspected this guy went there. seemed pretty well-adjusted, was really hoping he'd put someone from the train on the phone, but jesus that would make me nervous
  10. Logging into the forum at work just to say TY's BS song is fantastic. Just a damn good song in general and really clever
  11. onReload

    Episode 421 - I Got Your Results

    great episode. this is why will hines is a master and i was half going "not again!" and "hell yes!" when scott started repeating hollywood facts.
  12. onReload

    Episode 242 - The BEEF SEASON Special

    this. is. great.
  13. onReload

    No RSS link?

    Maybe it's just 'cause the show is new to EW, but noticed there's no RSS URL for this show yet. Maybe a bug?
  14. onReload

    City Dragon

    It's been on both copies i've seen. It's great because, in college, I'd force people who weren't into bad movies to watch it...and when it'd go black, they'd celebrate, but then it cuts right back on
  15. onReload

    City Dragon

    Yesss finally someone else saw it. Did your copy also go black for a few seconds during the climactic scene?