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    Episode 50 — Gravity

    And I'd also like for the god and athiest camps to stop fighting, believe what you want and associate with people with like mindsets. It doesn't matter what happens when we die - we're all going to do it eventually and we'll find out then, or we'll all just be dead. Either way, it's better not to spend whatever time we have on earth proclaiming our righteousness when truly, neither of the two camps really knows what they're talking about. This is why science is not philosophy, or religion. Get off of your soapbox and help people. And try to do it without imposing your bullshit moral code on them. Athiests I'm looking at you too!
  2. goldbug12

    Episode 50 — Gravity

    I know you guys might have already recorded this episode but I would really like some more clarification on her claims about the flashlight and anything faster than light.