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  1. It's certainly anyone's prerogative to dislike whatever episodes they do, but I always think it's weird when someone takes the time to criticize a single episode of a show that's basically unstructured. There's never a huge creative process behind an episode, it's just a bunch of people screwing around and seeing what sticks, and from time to time stuff is bound to not stick. It's the same format that allows for moments of greatness that can result in misfires, so criticizing that seems to me to be kind of strange.


    That said, some people here seem to be a mite touchy when it comes to negative posts and could probably benefit from taking it easier.

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  2. I may have just day dreamed this, but wasn't there someone who worked at the White House who was a fan of Who Charted and played one of Howard's songs to the president? I hope there's a possibility he might hear this podcast.


    Someone was listening to Have A Summah on his iPod at some restaurant when Obama walked in to shake a few hands. I believe the listener played the president a bit of Let's Drop Anchor And, which he said sounded different and good An incredible story and I think we can say with absolute certitude that Earwolf is the official White House endorsed podcasting network.

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