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  1. wyldride

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    Maybe it's brain damage from syphilis?!? It's not really diagnosed, or anything, but it does fit with the too much boning premise. *shrug*
  2. wyldride

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    So, I had a question about poisonous snakes, and meant to call the 1-800-PAUL-ASP number but it seems to be out of service. Can I ask it at PAUL-ASK instead? I guess not.
  3. wyldride

    Girlfriend From Hell (1989)

    Apparently there was a stage musical based on this -- For some reason.
  4. wyldride

    Episode 144 - Stealth

    The computer is hit by lightning, and it has learning capability. Also, Lenny Von Dohlen spilled champagne on it while Virginia Madsen was playing the cello. I mean, there were multiple reasons for EDI to go strange. Still, the only way to win is not to stealth.
  5. Not entirely sure what this was. George Takei as the voice of an evil rubber duck monster. Amanda Tapping spending most of the time in the bath. Kristen Kreuk as a robot duplicate who talks to the computer via Rs232 cable plugged in -- Somewhere. Billy Boyd as the paranoid captain. And Robin Dunne as the new guy mechanic. There's weird interdimensional travel and just a lot of the characters being strange. A lot of fun, but totally off the wall. I assume it's Canadian.
  6. wyldride

    American Anthem (1986)

    Only good thing about the movie is Andy Taylor on the soundtrack:
  7. wyldride

    Episode 141.5 - Minisode 141.5

    I mean, I'd you're doing The Shadow and The Phantom, you've got to fill out the trilogy with The Spirit. That's bonkers to an insane degree.
  8. Pretty sure the knife portrayed all the cutlery in American Beauty. You know, Social Network style with a bunch of doubles for the non speaking knives.
  9. Mannequin 3: Man of Kin - The son of the leads from the first movie becomes a mannequin because, ah, reasons, and antics ensue.
  10. And, while we're making some movies, why isn't there a porn parody of these movies called, as Steve suggested, called Mannequim about a Real Doll come to life? Oh, right -- Because that's creepy. Never mind.
  11. "It's a do or die situation: We will be invincible!" - The Legend is Billie Jean aka "The give me my brother's bike back" movie.
  12. They have a clutch that slips when the door encounters too much friction, causing it to stop or reverse.
  13. That is, essentially, my point. Combined with the fact that movies so rarely focus on female pleasure, the one time it does is because the guy is crazy. Of course, she never really consents, either, so that's in line with standard Hollywood depictions of sex. I see what you mean, though: Consider "all about her pleasure" more of a figure of speech. The character is obviously only concerned with himself. I was really more focused on the message sent by the film makers and what they were depicting with that scene.
  14. He was all about her pleasure, so naturally he's a psycho. That's one of the big, wrong messages of this movie. It's not hard to draw the conclusion that the movie telling you that female sexuality and pleasure is wrong. This has the most complicated age of consent algebra since Crazy Stupid Love (The babysitter has to be old enough to send nude pictures to the dad without it being child porn, but then she maybe passes those photos on to the son). We have to go through hoops to make the boy next door legal, but then, is hardware store girl legal? And if so, does that make her too old for the son? Makes that Transformers movie where the guy has a laminated copy of the age of consent law (even though the daughter in the movie is of age in the jurisdiction the movie is set in) seem simple by comparison.
  15. wyldride

    Highlander (1986)

    The point is to suggest bad movies.