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  1. Maybe I've told this story before but I don't/can't care. I saw Weird Al in 1983 when I was 13, my first concert. I took my daughter to see him a few years ago, her first concert. My son is now thirteen and I'm taking both of them to see him in Indy in May. It will be his Al-mitzvah. "Today you are a weirdo." My daughter is getting ready to go off to college next fall, and it suddenly dawned on my wife that the only concert she's ever been to is Weird Al-- twice -- with her dad. That's not likely to win her any cool points, she wondered. I think she's wrong, though. My guess is that having seen The Vicar of Yanks twice will endear her to those who are genuinely interesting people. Screw being cool, kid. You're weird. Cool fades after your twenties. Weird lasts forever.

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  2. "I have a wig in the car" is the least surprising thing Andy Daly could possibly say. When I imagine him tooling around LA, I can't help but think of four or five different wigs in the back seat along with a handful of false mustaches and a few beards. You never know when you're going to need to re-enter a 7-11 in disguise to ask about the new logo. Be prepared.

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  3. "Vaginas that talk would make a better movie..."


    In a world of art factories that produce giant album covers for some reason and penis-headed mural ladies comes a story of a man and a dream he didn't even know he had- until fate stepped in. Her name is Accountia, the business muse, and she's broken free of Mt. Tronlympus to shake things up down on earth.



    Starring this guy:


    Sonny: "Here's my idea for a business plan... vaginas that talk."


    ... and a special appearance by Olivia Newton John on FUCKING ROLLER SKATES!


    Accountia: "Is this a product people buy or is it like a restaurant or maybe a theme park?"


    Sonny: "I don't know. Why not all three?"


    Music cue: ELO



    "Twat You Say?" A gynecological musical comedy coming this summer, rated PG-13

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