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    Episode 20 — Racist Radio Stations

    One thing I must take issue with was Jay's assertion that Detroit was somehow less racist than the rest of Michigan, when Detroit is ground zero for Michigan racism. It's the most segregated city in America, race-baiting is played explicitly in the city's politics, and most of Michigan's major hate groups have their headquarters either in the city or in the surrounding white-flight suburbs. Personally I have never heard the N-word used more frequently, more sincerely (by white people) than in the 3 years I lived there. The rest of Michigan outside of the southeast is most definitely racist, (and I don't mean to dismiss that) but it's the banal sort of racism that you find in most rural regions. Hate crimes aren't being committed on the regular in Traverse City the way you see them happening in Detroit. The only criteria by which Detroit could be considered less racist than the rest of Michigan is perhaps "will you hear that kind of stupid anti-rap promo on the radio stations?" and that's only because the demographic for the region is mostly black and it wouldn't make sense financially for a radio station to do that. Ann Arbor is pretty cool, though.
  2. gibbering ape-faced moron

    Live Summer Tour Podcasts

    10+ hours of fine entertainment for 25 bucks definitely sounds worth it to me, thanks dude.
  3. gibbering ape-faced moron

    Live Summer Tour Podcasts

    How long are the episodes, on average? I'm sorry, I know this sounds super petty, but I'm a poor grad student and my entertainment budget is a real consideration.
  4. gibbering ape-faced moron

    Episode 31 — Cyborgs

    yo, not to start some shit or anything but Captain Pike was not just a head on top of a box. he was exposed to a made-up type of radiation which scarred his skin and left his body paralyzed, but his body was actually intact inside that box, which was basically a just a futuristic wheelchair. this is actually explained in the episode (the two-parter that matt and neclord were talking about) by the doctor who is taking care of Pike. whether or not that makes him a cyborg I guess is debatable, I don't really have a dog in that fight. I loved this week's episode, especially the Stephen Hawking segment. I wondered if maybe when Matt started the next segment by addressing John as "professor" if he might not have been trying to continue the same bit but I guess that's unlikely. also, I was really excited to see John Gemberling in this week's episode, as he starred in my favorite adult swim live action show, "fat guy stuck in internet"
  5. gibbering ape-faced moron

    Episode 37 — Speed 2: Cruise Control

    Scott was an excellent guest, he really fit in. I think this episode ranks among my favorites.
  6. gibbering ape-faced moron

    Atheism and negative reactions

    I went back and forth on the decision to post this, because I definitely don't want to antagonize anybody, and I certainly don't want to hold myself up for ridicule, but, as a religious person, I was a little uncomfortable during that part of the show. I don't know what that guy in that email was talking about, I'd never heard Matt go on anything I could call an "atheist rant" before-- but in this one instance, it was kinda hard not to feel a little put off. Honestly, I'd be happy if things stayed like they were before this episode - I never took anything Matt said about religion (the opposition to gay marriage) personally before, because those aren't my beliefs and I agree that people who discriminate against homosexuals are pretty loathsome. I'd hate to see this one guy's rude email spur on an actual trend of actively anti-religious rhetoric on the podcast, for the selfish reason that that would make a program I really love harder for me to enjoy. I'm not threatening to stop listening or something equally petulant though, and I can't claim to speak for all religious people. Just trying to offer my personal perspective. I really hope I haven't come off as obnoxious or anything.