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  1. Ralphman5000

    Episode 202.5 — 10/17/14 TWO CHARTED 141

    FREE MONEY FOR Who Charted! "This episode is sponsored by Cards Against Humanity. They told us not to read an advertisement so we double-dipped and sold the same slot to Square Space too." BOOM! $$$ You're welcome, Earwolf!
  2. Ralphman5000

    Episode 118 — Shit Fits

    Perhaps a session over at Conniptions might help?
  3. Ralphman5000

    Episode 117 — LIVE from SF Sketchfest 2013

    Biased 'cause I was there? Maybe, BUT considering the fact that this was their 3rd live show in as many days, I think it was a solid performance. And hey...you know where the doors are!
  4. Ralphman5000

    Episode 116 — Feel The Night

    zombocom?? ANYTHING is possible at zombocom.
  5. Ralphman5000

    Episode 114 — Surfing Rainbows

    Not a Steve-O hater, but I feel like the Stern show is a much better venue for him. I was able to make this episode vastly more entertaining by pretending that the guest was Gallagher. Am I nuts in thinking that they sound very similar?
  6. Ralphman5000

    Episode 88 — Tooth Talk

    RIGHT?? Dear Pepsi, The next time you want to make a 'funny' commercial, let the professionals take care of that for you. Your Pal, Lee Kremer
  7. Ralphman5000

    Episode 82.5 — 6/29/2012 TWO CHARTED 21

    The hook to Summah Sirens is totally stuck in my head....Damn you Howard!!!
  8. Ralphman5000

    Episode 82.5 — 6/29/2012 TWO CHARTED 21

    Waaa ah ah ah!!!
  9. Ralphman5000

    Episode 80.5 — 6/15/2012 TWO CHARTED 19

    Just curious: HOW DOOOO, er HOW MUUUUCH would one have to donate to WC in order to pre-empt the Pepsi Max ad spot for one episode? F that commercial straight in the ear hole. Also, I LOVE Lee as a carcass eating shark.
  10. Ralphman5000

    Episode 79.5 — 6/8/2012 TWO CHARTED 18

    Can't get C.R.J. out of my head....perhaps I can bang it out? [media=''] [/media]
  11. Ralphman5000

    Episode 79 — Dinosaur Curmudgeon

    AAAANNNND all the otha boys!!!!!
  12. Ralphman5000

    Official iOS Earwolf app stuck at loading

    Sweet! Thanks for the quick fix!
  13. Hey all, I'm using the official Earwolf app for iOS and have been for quite some time. Recently ( in the past week) I've noticed that the app can no longer download any main page content: Featured, shows, people, etc. I just see a last updated date and the Loading spinner. Anyone else in the same boat?