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    Episode 96.5 β€” Minisode 96.5

    Liver can actually be really tasty.
  2. jeffdacock

    Episode 74 β€” New Beginning

    relevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1WSH0VzoaM
  3. jeffdacock

    Episode 85 β€” Color of Night

    The crew was startled about the similarity between Bakulas table and Dales work: Didn't Dale at some point mention that he made the table and the bed for Bakula?
  4. jeffdacock

    Episode 85 β€” Color of Night

    THAT'S what I knew her from. Thanks man.
  5. jeffdacock

    Episode 176 β€” Hot Gomer Pyle

    Natasha and Cody sitting in a tree K I S S I N G
  6. jeffdacock

    Episode 84 β€” No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    If the final fight is such a big deal, why are there only roughly 20 people in the audience?
  7. jeffdacock

    Episode 84 β€” No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    Fuck youuuuuuu guys for making me watch this movie. It feels like the whole thing runs in slow motion.
  8. jeffdacock

    Episode 82.5 β€” Minisode 82.5

    "The Boxer", also known as "Million Dollar Baby".
  9. jeffdacock

    Episode 80 β€” Jack Frost: LIVE!

    Man, before this episode I didn't even knew who this Jim Henson was. Y'all are acting crazy. Anyways, I'm off to shoot that german art film about the second opinion. See you at the Oscars 2015!
  10. jeffdacock

    Episode 80 β€” Jack Frost: LIVE!

    That first "second opinion" was really upsetting.
  11. jeffdacock

    Episode 79 β€” Deck the Halls: LIVE!

    Paul recording the outro before the intro...WHAT IS HAPPENING?
  12. jeffdacock

    Episode 78 β€” Crossroads

    Will Smith?
  13. jeffdacock

    Episode 202 β€” Truly Great Friends!

    Hangin' with Leo: [media="]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfNW789SgmA[/media]
  14. jeffdacock

    Episode 77 β€” Hudson Hawk

    This + Lily Rabe + Alexandra Breckenridge = Hit Show
  15. jeffdacock

    Episode 77 β€” Hudson Hawk

    Don't know if it was mentioned on the Podcast: Hudson Hawk Theme, Co-written by Bruce Willis. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlkjzgMR4k4
  16. jeffdacock

    Episode 77 β€” Hudson Hawk

    oh man, this movie tries really hard to be funny and/or cool. almost too painful to watch.
  17. jeffdacock

    Episode 76 β€” Fair Game

    That was sad, they also made a bad joke about it. Cindy says something along the lines of "Hey kitty, do you want to watch the news with me? Come on, it's not going to kill you". Also, Paul mentioned the black cop in the background. Disappointingly, he wears a shirt under is vest.
  18. Just catching up on some Fogelnest Files. Jake mentions that on Michael O'Donoghues show they did sing "Boogie til you puke". I wonder if that inspired the shirt off this dude in the 80s classic "Hardbodies" (at the 2 minute mark).I actually got this shirt handmade as a birthday present, but only knew "Boogie til you puke" from the movie.
  19. jeffdacock

    Episode 76 β€” Fair Game

    Link to bigger image: http://i.imgur.com/tcLaiPm.jpg In the second he could be logging into a remote machine, that would explain the language change.
  20. jeffdacock

    Episode 8 β€” Who’s Got My Goo Balls?

    How can somebody be not into Zappa?
  21. jeffdacock

    Episode 75 β€” Daredevil

    Weird Soundtrack on this one. NERD - Lapdance? Some of the songs really seemed misplaced.
  22. jeffdacock

    Episode 50 β€” Jenkem ft. Eric Andre

    Great episode. "Do the Jenkem" needs to happen.
  23. jeffdacock

    Episode 145 β€” It’s Pronounced Jerry

    Wie-Wie: "There is a plugin, it can make your throat wider" Ku-Ku: "That sounds like fun to play with though"
  24. jeffdacock

    Episode 71 β€” The Glimmer Man

    Maybe try Hearts of Darkness http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102015/