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  1. dannywildcard

    NEW Plugz by Danny Wildcard

    Bumping this as it has not been used.
  2. dannywildcard

    Episode 231 — This Is Not Me, This Is Them

    YEAH!!!! Famous for the week!!
  3. Neither of these two have been used:
  4. dannywildcard

    NEW Plugz by Danny Wildcard

    Just updated this track... NO DELAY!
  5. dannywildcard

    Plugs Theme by Danny Wildcard

    This has yet to be used, and I'm certain it's not horrifically bad.
  6. dannywildcard

    My first Plugs Theme! Awww

    This better get picked, or I'll lose all faith in the process.
  7. dannywildcard

    Geez louis!

    Scott says you're out of plug songs, but I happen to know this one has yet to be used. Hint Hint http://soundcloud.co...-wildcard/plugs
  8. dannywildcard

    Plugs Theme by Danny Wildcard

  9. Hey there, Haven't had my plug song played and/or downloaded. If it is supposed to go on this thread, here it is!
  10. Hey Guys here's my submission for the plugs theme song. Love the show! Keep up the good work. http://soundcloud.co...-wildcard/plugs