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  1. This is a peppy little Plugs Theme I submitted in mid-June which has yet to be used for the show. If there's something I can do to improve its chances, let me know. Thanks, in any case, for the world's funniest podcast! Sigh Figh (aka John Walker) Baltimore, MD sighfigh.com @giannidubya
  2. Sigh Figh

    Plug Your Sh%t!

    Nice work--this and your other stuff on Soundcloud.
  3. A couple days ago, I started a new thread topic for my plugs theme, "Time Enough for Plugs." I'm re-posting on this thread just in case, as it seems to be where all the action is. thanks again, Sigh Figh (aka John Walker) Baltimore, MD
  4. A breezy little plug theme for the warmer months: http://soundcloud.co...nough_for_plugs thanks for your time, Sigh Figh Baltimore, MD sighfigh.com