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    Episode 42 — Batman & Robin

    That's more of a career than she had after this movie.
  2. RyanSz

    Episode 42 — Batman & Robin

    Battlefield Earth by far was his biggest Meltdown.
  3. RyanSz

    Episode 42 — Batman & Robin

    This is one of my favorite episodes along with the Wicker Man ep. I remember loving this movie as a kid, mainly because I was 10 and loved all things Batman. From American Silverston in a British family to the super-homoerotic overtones of the director, this movie was BAAAADDD. I loved that Jesse referenced the cartoon spoofing Schumaker with a feminite character in the cartoon (I posted the clip in the comments of the minisode.) As for this ruining Alicia Silverstone's career, it really did. But to be honest no one outside of Clooney and Thurman came out of this alive. Arnold had a string of horrible movies after this and O'Donnel has only recently made a comeback with NCIS:LA.
  4. RyanSz

    Episode 41.5 — Minisode 41.5

    25 minutes seems about right, sort of like how Anthony Hopkins was only in Silence of the Lambs for 16 minutes and still won an Oscar for that role. The problem with this movie was that there were so many main characters and different storylines so it really limited the time for all of the characters. I think the makers of the movie were just banking on Arnold's name to bring in a huge gross at the box office, rather than a good story and characters.
  5. RyanSz

    Episode 41.5 — Minisode 41.5

    Thank god you guys are doing this movie. This is by far one of the worst superhero movies ever made. From bat-nipples and codpieces to a Batman credit card with a "forever" expiration date, this thing missed on all fronts. The only good part was Schwarzenegger who was having fun playing his silly character. Everyone else tried to play this straightfaced while being surrounded by neon paint and Greek statues of men. This movie was even made fun of, along with pointing out Joel Schumacher being gay, in an episode of the New Batman Adventures cartoon where kids are talking about what they think Batman looks like when the effeminate kid named Joel who stand in front of a shoemaker store talks about Batman's muscles and tight rubber armor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufnVj6a4Peo Thank you HDTGM for taking this horrible movie to task.
  6. I almost laughed out in the theater when Marky Mark was apologizing to a plastic plant and even acknowledged that he was. This movie sucked outside of the interesting suicides which were actually pretty well done.
  7. Anything that Roland Emmerich did, that includes Independance Day. Super Mario Bros started all of the bad video game adaptations. Demolition Man for one thing only: the seashells. Street Fighter with JCVD and Raul Julia was terrible of epic proportions. If you want crazy Nick Cage, you'd do no better that Deadfall which was referenced before on the show. And Face/Off where you had both crazy Cage and crazy Travolta.
  8. RyanSz

    Episode 41 — Spider-Man 3

    Talk about a crapfest of a movie, especially after how awesome Spiderman 2 was. From disco dancing to half-amnesia this movie sucked. I completely forgot about the cookie scene, damn Peter Parker, you evil.
  9. RyanSz

    Episode 40.5 — Minisode 40.5

    Good lord Spiderman 3 was awful. Emo Peter Parker, cartoon Bond Villian James Franco, and a whiney Kirsten Dunst; put them all together and you get a lovely crap sandwhich. The only really good thing about this movie was Thomas Haden Church as the Sandman but that only went so far as he kept talking about his sick daughter but never said what she was sick with. To have made this movie after how awesome Spiderman 2 was is almost on par as Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. As for Amazing Spiderman, it's not that bad. It's got the mopey teen angst angle going for Peter Parker that runs a little long but the action is pretty good. My only problems with it are the music that plays through the fight scenes sound like they are straight out of an upbeat Disney cartoon and that an important part of the Spiderman lore that shapes who Spiderman is never occurs **** SPOILER***** He never catches/accidentally kills the guy who killed Uncle Ben.
  10. RyanSz

    Episode 40 — Judge Dredd

    For everything that this movie tried to copy from the comics including the Judge outfits to the gun, they screwed it up so bad and made it seem hokey while it seemed pretty cool in the comics. As for the warden and the benefactor's gift, the box had a thumb print lock on the box and the warden had said "our benefactor" so it seemed like he was a middle man between Rico and the bad chief judge. One of my favorite guilty pleasures, but still so bad.
  11. RyanSz

    Episode 39.5 — Minisode 39.5

    I'll admit that I have both Judge Dredd and Demolition Man in my DVD collection since they are guilty pleasures of mine. I loved the Dredd comics and this movie does aggravate me for how loyal it is to the books in some points while unloyal for the rest of the movie, especially with Dredd's helmet. Can't wait to hear how this gets dissected next week.
  12. RyanSz

    Episode 39 — Godzilla

    Let's not forget about the Saturday morning cartoon that was the follow up to this movie. It picks up right after the movie where Broderick's character finds the egg from the final scene in the movie. He then goes to raise it like a pet and the new Godzilla fights monsters that attack the city, basically a campy version of the movie fans would have liked to see where Godzilla fights monsters rather than farting out eggs in Madison Square Garden. Here's a part of the first episode of the cartoon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVXUrAej-4A&feature=related