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  1. I'm assuming it was a Mythbusters type of thing where they figured out that number, rather than some dude in a morgue punching fresh corpses. Also I'll cite the following film, which really should be covered on the show for how insane it is, when Jason gets in a literal fistfight with a kid, who is portrayed in the film as an Olympic level boxer. Nevermind the fact that the guy has every option in order to get around the slow moving Jason and get away, but he decides to throw up his dukes with an undead nightmare. I'll let the video show what kind of good idea that was. Also how did this not get covered on the Arscheerio Paul Show?
  2. They did because it started to kick on at the end of the show, though thankfully I wasn't all the way up in the highest balcony, yes there were multi-leveled balconies. But even close to the stage it was uncomfortably warm in old school theater seats that had zero give or maneuverability. Considering that in the very next film Jason literally teleports around a room in order to be in view of his victim and the fact that he walks across the bottom of the ocean to chase after his potential victims, I would not be surprised.
  3. Correction So I'm writing the day after seeing this live in Berkeley while it's still fresh in my head, so I don't know what will make it to the final cut of the episode. So with regard to the overall timeline of the series, the first movie takes place briefly in 1958 when Mrs. Voorhees kills the two counselors that she blames for Jason's accident, before the film cuts to 1979 when the son of the original owners of the camp was attempting to reopen the camp. Part 2 starts with Jason, who had actually lived and was presumed dead only because his body was never found, is around 34 and has survived due to being taught survival skills by his mom as well as learning various things at the camp before his accident. Parts 2-4 basically take place over the course of a week as the camp is desribed as being quite large and the killings were taking part in remote areas around it so subsequent victims weren't hearing about the killings in prior films. Jason is only really knocked out at the end of 2 and 3 but is finally killed by Tommy Jarvis in 4, which leads to a copycat killing teens in a blind rage in part 5, followed by his resurrection in this film. The reason the actor's switched for Tommy between 5 and 6 was because the actor from 5 apparently was an actual counselor or something for a church group prior to filming 5, decided against coming back to the sequel, filmed another film, and then went into the seminary. This isn't the worst case of continuity error as in Part 2 Jason has a full head of hair and part of a beard while in 3, which literally set the following day, is completely bald and even more deformed. For the odd shifting tone, basically the writers were surprised to be doing another F13 movie, so they decided to voice that along with frustration with New Line by adding lines like the Gravedigger breaking the fourth wall and asking the audience "why would someone dig up Jason, can't they just let him rest already?" and a few other things like the snappy editing style that blended different conversations, which I have to assume insprired Luc Besson in how he shot and wrote the Fifth Element, which is filled with that shit. As for the rating, prior to this film all the movies had to be severely cut down because they were initially given X ratings, so the director didn't want to deal with that and went for a lighter overall film, which ended up giving it the best critical reviews of the entire series. The budget was also a big bone of contention between the director and studio, which led to some petty shit done by both sides. One of the producers was a real penny pincher and was actually calling dibs on various items purchased for production that he was going to take home when filming was over, namely a large and expensive swamp cooler. Upon hearing this, the director decided to get some payback for how little financial support he was getting by placing said cooler on top of the RV, right before they shot the crash scene, so the large box seen flying off the top of the rv when it starts flipping isn't a TV as Paul thought it was, but rather this massive swamp cooler that a producer was hoping to take home for himself. To answer June's questions, Jason did run after people in parts 2-4 because he was still a living person, it wasn't until this film to Jason X where he has supernatural powers due to being undead. His grave was also meant to be explained in this film as being paid for by his father, who had abandoned him and his mother when Jason was young, but decided that paying for the city to not cremate his son and have him properly buried would act as a sort of repentance. This alternate ending was cut because of the gravedigger being killed in the movie and the fact that the studio didn't want to have to worry about creating the dad's backstory in the sequel. Also Berkeley can straight screw itself in regards to hosting a show like this as they had a full theater of people on a 95 degree day and didn't turn the air conditioner on, until the near end of the show after Jason complained about it, but by then it was too little too late. It was literally cooler outside of the theater by the time the show was over.
  4. RyanSz

    Midsommar (2019)

    The message of grief always being at the focal point of the main character's arc had a couple of layers that only got revealed months after release, like how the image of the dead sister is hidden in the environment at various points of the film showing that it's still a big part of what that character is going through all while trying . I will say this was a lot more upfront about what was going to happen in comparison to Hereditary which hid it's clues way too well for many people. I mean the opening scene is a tapestry that basically shows the whole plot of the movie and another that shows how the village sister is tempting the boyfriend by use of old school potions. It is like the director got a note about making this more film more approachable for audiences, but he took it too far in the opposite direction outside of a couple things like the hidden images of the sister.
  5. RyanSz

    The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)

    The book has been in my Amazon recommendation for a while, and I was amazed by some of the things mentioned like how Griffith got a boob job during filming which caused huge issues for filming continuity and how the cast really never gelled with one another on set making it that much harder to complete numerous scenes.
  6. RyanSz

    Episode 224.5 - Minisode 224.5

    I didn't have a Clue VCR game but I had a couple different ones like for the Gargoyles cartoon that was fricking fantastic. I think some companies have tried to do a similar thing with DVDs, but it never went anywhere.
  7. RyanSz

    Episode 224.5 - Minisode 224.5

    Went to the live show for this and it's definitely a great choice for the Halloween episode, especially considering that this film out of the F13 series is actually a satire of the series and slasher genre while still being a slasher.
  8. RyanSz

    The Banana Splits (2019)

    So having watched this on Amazon, this is surprisingly a good movie but still pretty crazy enough for the show. It was meant to be a FNAF film but various issues came with that so it became this. The characters are pretty well done for the most part outside of a couple that are pretty tropish, but it's not overly-hammy for the most part. The gore and story are fairly well done and why what's happening with the robots is pretty well explained to where it fits the narrative, unlike Chopping Mall where shit goes down because of three lightning bolts that happen out of nowhere.
  9. RyanSz

    Midsommar (2019)

    The friend knew what was going to happen once they told him the name of the ritual, which is why he asked them to repeat the word to confirm it, and was looking like he was gonna cream his jeans knowing what he would see. It was an uber dick move in the vein of taking someone to a donkey show and telling them it was a singalong instead of what it really is. The girlfriend wasn't from the community but had started to know the language through osmosis by ingratiating themselves in that village like they did, plus I assume the various spells/drugs they were using throughout their visit. The person from the village was the male friend of the boyfriend who at times seemed like he was hitting on the girlfriend when they were talking alone.
  10. RyanSz

    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    We used to do a First Friday Art Hop with the other city departments where people could go around the city checking out local artists’ work. The attendance died down on in our location though so we stopped taking part in it. We ended up replacing it with my laser tag event and every other month now the signups fill out in 10 minutes, leaving me to wish for parents to start fighting on out entry ramp for the chance at a laser tag spot, similar to how the makers of Funzo wanted a trampling during a store riot on the Simpsons.
  11. RyanSz

    Joker (2019)

    Yeah the comedian bit was the closest thing to a nod to a prior history for the character, though in that case he was married and expecting a kid. He didn’t have any mental issues prior to falling into the toxic chemicals but after seeing his wife had been killed by the guys who hired him he fully snapped.
  12. RyanSz

    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    So June only barely touched the surface of what we offer at libraries, as not only do we offer homework help and tutoring, we also have computer classes for all ages, coding classes, literacy tutoring for ESL students, and various programs like laser tag and what I just went through putting together over the last year, a comic convention. Plus, since I’m in charge of ordering movies for my library I make sure we have all the HDTGM best. I will also now say that considering Hollywood’s past of mainstream actors/workers like Timothy Hutton, Carrie Fisher, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone, appearing in pornos, and Bella Thorne directing one this year, I won’t be surprised to see Oscar winner Christopher Plunmer hosting next year’s AVN Awards to announce his partnership with Rocco Sifferedi in his starring role in Roman Big Titty Bukkake 54.
  13. RyanSz

    Joker (2019)

    So I really enjoyed the movie as it broke down an iconic character in a grounded manner as opposed most of what’s been done before. The way that there isn’t some accident at Ace Chemicals or whacky instance that made Arthur who he was was a breathe of fresh air for me. For the complaints I’ve seen from people saying it wasn’t what they were expecting, they follow that by saying they were wanting to see an action film or standard comic book movie, which you can see this wasn’t going to be if you’d seen any of the trailers. As for some of the questions about the movie, it is set in 1981 but it’s not explicitly stated. Also, how the mom may have still gotten custody, given the time it’s set in, corners were shown to be cut all over the place in regards to mental health, so if she could show she was “cured” the state would likely give her her child back , especially considering it was her boyfriend beating Arthur, who could not remember those events for a variety of reasons such as repressed memories, being too young, or brain damage from the abuse. All in all I’d be amazed if Phoenix doesn’t at least get a Best Actor Oscar nomination from this.
  14. RyanSz

    Space Jam (1996)

    I'd be inclined to agree if not for the fact Batman has never really used his baller skills when fighting crime, at least in current iterations.
  15. RyanSz

    Trailer Talk

    Definitely interested to see how this is handled, as it does appear to be a nice mix between the humor/lightness of Shazam and the grittyness of the other DCEU films. I do like that they are using a rarely used villain as the big bad for this with Black Mask, as it appears The Batman is just sticking with the road most traveled with the villains being shown in that film.