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  1. Even bigger reveal is someone had gotten footage of Paul getting kicked, he even had a crop.
  2. Glad I am not the only one who was disturbed by how the daughter and dad where interacting with one another. The opening minutes when she wakes him and he comes downstairs she is hanging off his shoulder like a put upon wife having to deal with her husband and an old drinking buddy of his who has overstayed his welcome, and there were other instances where it almost came off as the dad told her in a drunken stupor that she's the woman of the house and has to act like this, not in a sexual way but a familiar way so that he can remember his wife and keep the routine up at home. Also after seeing the longer wigs on Michael, I have to assume the people behind Joe Dirt used this as a template for the wigs used in that movie. Did anyone else notice that Connie's family might be really well off? When the Signor is getting ready to tear up his drawing after ripping Michael's flaming dog, Connie makes a threat of never coming to the class again and how much his dad is paying this school, or at least the last part sounded like that. The Signor instantly stops what he's going to do and steps away in a huff. It made me think that the dad was donating a boatload to this school and Connie could cause this to stop if he told his dad about his art class experiences. Also before seeing the principal run down Signor's misdeeds as a fraud, it should have been obvious when he as an art teacher was telling his students he wanted no imagination in the classroom, which is the complete opposite of what art is. As for the homeless ghosts, I get that they were wanting to help Michael with getting his hair back since he gave the male ghost money the day before the fire, but wouldn't it make more sense that they would hold him responsible for their deaths? By him giving them the amount of money that he did, I'm am guessing they decided to hoot it up in an abandoned building with whatever they bought with the cash, and incidentally caused the fire that killed them. That way it makes more sense for the female goes to be kind of a dick to Michael on the second night by saying she could be nice or mean to him and that night she was feeling mean and wouldn't give him the recipe.
  3. Yeah the most I've spent on an auction was just under 500 for an art book based on the works of Stephen King called Knowing Darkness, and if I ever needed to I've kept it in such great condition that I could sell it for three times what I paid for it. Outside of that I've never gone insane with a collectible, most I will usually pay at Comic Con is 200 for something but it has to be something rare and it would be perfect for my collection, like I tried to do last year with the final issue of Walking Dead that was bricked and signed by the creators of it, but it was sold out by the time I got to the publisher's booth. There are things like certain Mondo posters that I have looked up to see if they're on auction but I can't see myself paying over 1000%+ markup on an item that was originally $50-75 dollars.
  4. Yeah there was a wired article about a decade ago where a guy was buying up those cartridges because Nintendo Power would actually list full names and hometowns of participants, which is insane in of itself, who had received the cartridges as a consolation prize to not winning the top prize of a savings bond. 1990 Geo Metro (which was odd since the majority of competitors were under the age of 16), 40" TV, and gold Mario trophy. Most of the people he bought them off of had no idea how valuable the item was and were surely pissed when they saw how much profit he was making with them. There is a rare gold cartridge being sold on Ebay at the moment for a reasonable million dollars or a grey version for 150k, both sealed and rated so they are legit. Also if you wanna see the nutty documentary about the lengths some people go to for the ultimate collection of video games, watch Nintendo Quest. It's about a guy who sets a mission to basically buy a copy of every single game released for the NES in the United States, just under 700 games, in under 30 days. It's an interesting look at retro collectors and their fandom but when you crunch the numbers you realize the amount of money this guy had to be spending to do such a task, especially as he can't make any game purchases online, which isn't covered in the film which I felt was its biggest issue. It's free on Prime and is a must watch for lovers of the 8-bit era and Nintendo in general.
  5. Yeah that was the reason most came to for the movie not being touched and for other times where episodes were pulled for a time (The Smurfs was gone for a bit as the female lead of the movie was on The League for quite a few episodes after the podcast had come out). Fingers are crossed though that it can now happen as New Girl is over and in recent years they've had people on the show after they have been roasted on the podcast, Charlize Theron being the biggest example. That there is the JFK level conspiracy that needs to be cracked.
  6. I'm guessing it was something made solely for a competition version of the game, as during the various tournaments like this in the early 90s and even now with various E-Sport leagues they have to include other ways for points to be doled out outside of who won the match. I know for the things like the Fortnite Pro-Am or charity events that use it, they give out points based on how high you placed in a match so if you suck ass one round it doesn't completely eliminate you from contention. So with the whistle, while it only warps your character forward levels, all the player would be doing in a competition is playing a much harder level for the same points his opponents are playing for at easier levels, so giving a point bonus for taking that chance with the whistle can either big a big bonus for a kid if they're also good at the harder levels, or can at least bolster their score if they are struggling on the harder levels they went to so they still have a chance at winning the match.
  7. RyanSz

    Episode 242.5 - Prequel to Episode 243

    Ah finally got to crack open this gif for C&Os: As for Floor is Lava, I've watched a couple episodes and it's been entertaining, but I cannot stand the rapport between the teammates because it is so forced and hokey. It's clear a producer told them to act like the kool-aid they are dodging is real lava, but every team has gone overboard with this to the point where I'm watching the show on mute at times. It also doesn't help that the host sounds like Guy Fieri's brother.
  8. RyanSz

    Artemis Fowl (2020)

    The book series was one of the few Harry Potter knockoffs to actually be pretty good and not just a simple cash grab, but this movie looks like utter ass. Seeing the main character do a trope-ish as hell when the kid does a slow-mo turn while putting on 90s looking Rayban sunglasses made me want to ignore this movie with all of my being.
  9. Yeah the whole thing of the Wizard was it was a commercial for Nintendo and all it's remembered for is that line about the Power Glove and how ironic it is now: "it's so bad," and the fact that it followed a trend in Hollywood of person on the spectrum being a savant in some niche activity. There is even some fucked up ideas with the bounty hunter who specializes in chasing kids, the way the kids escape in a casino from said hunter is for the girl to scream that he groped her, and that the stepdad who hired the dude basically tells Fred Savage's dad and mom, now that guy's wife, that he is only hiring the hunter to catch the savant and that Fred Savage can basically get killed by cannibals for all he cares. It was Richard Kelly who I give props to for trying to make a multi-media experience for the film by having the first half of it's over arching story be a graphic novel. Unfortunately that wasn't promoted so well and if I recall came out after the movie flopped so no one really gave a shit about it, though it does set up what is shown in the movie rather well, though it doesn't help the movie's overall quality. And considering that the organizers of Cannes somehow loved the DVD screener sent to them that they put the movie up for their top prize, prior to the uncut version being torn to shreds by critics, makes me wonder what else could have been cut in order for the final product to be released. And still with that scene, it's still not the most batshit moment of that whole movie.
  10. So considering a good portion of my list has been done by the show since I wrote it, including the double live show for Con Air and Face/Off, I have updated my list accordingly. 1. Southland Tales - cars fucking in a commercial and random song and dance numbers 2. Last Action Hero - a lot of potential especially considering how well the movie has aged since its release 3. The Happening - Marky Mark fights the air 4. The Wizard - a 90 minute Nintendo commercial with Fred Savage 5. Ready to Rumble - the reason that David Arquette is officially known as a former World Heavyweight Champion
  11. RyanSz

    RoboCop 3 (1993)

    Yeah 3 was the one really trying to sell action figures with all the various Robo-Attachments he had during that movie.
  12. RyanSz

    Episode 242 - The Boyfriend School

    So what aesthetic was Shelley Long going for throughout the movie? Her pseudonym was dressed like a Southern Belle, then for the dinner she said she was making French cuisine if I remember right but she was dressed like a Chinese massage parlor worker, during the training she dresses in a very yuppie fashion, and then she starts to decorate in Americana stuff. It's like someone asked the set designer "we have these different sets of props which do you want to use?" and the designers reply was simply "yes."
  13. RyanSz

    Episode 242 - The Boyfriend School

    Was it ever explained how Gus found Gertz at the gas station the first time as Lobo? Was he stalking her or just following the billowing clouds of smog coming off that deathtrap of a car of hers every two seconds?
  14. RyanSz

    Episode 242 - The Boyfriend School

    The one thing I was wondering the whole time was Long's deadline that was just in her head. She was pushing Gus to keep up with this plan because as she said Gertz was going to be unhappily married sooner rather than later. How the hell did she figure that? Nowhere in their conversations did she mention the next time she finds some hot dong was she going to put a ring on it, she just said her relationship is odd at the moment and what she was into when looking for a guy, which also kind spits in the face of Gertz's own words as when she tells Long what she's looking for, it all gets pushed to the back burner for a hot/mysterious guy like in one of the romance novels or what she's been going for her whole life. I get having fun in life, but if you have a ideal person or characteristics, don't you kinda want to slow down and see if a new person in your life is that person? When she meets Gus she's basically like "nah fuck that tubby baldy" and runs back to MacLachlan the next day. Also am I the only one thinking there would have been more buildup to the reveal of the scheme? In most rom coms the scheme takes place usually near the end of the 1st act leading to the reveal and the end of the 2nd, with the 3rd being the big makeup scene. This one they spent so much time on the prepping for the scheme that they really only had time to have 1 1/2 dates, sex, and then instant reveal, followed by a quick turnaround for Getz to realize she really does love Gus.
  15. RyanSz

    Episode 242 - The Boyfriend School

    After finishing the episode I am amazed that the people the crew compared Gutt's look to was Dee Snyder and Dog the Bounty Hunter, which while are apt, are nowhere near the perfect mullets that belong to Billy Ray Cyrus or Lorenzo Lamas in Renegade.