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  1. RyanSz

    Color Out of Space (2019)

    I'm near the end of this and in my opinion is really good, especially given that Lovecraft adaptations are more miss than hit. Stanley was the perfect choice for director and it makes me really want to see him make his version of The Island of Dr. Moreau because he shows he is really able to create dread and terror in a film. The color work in this film was amazing as it should have been, which further amplified the tone of the movie and its subject matter. Cage's Cage-isms in the early to mid part of the film seemed out of place at times but otherwise it was a solid performance, very much in line with the previously stated Mom and Dad and Mandy.
  2. What I still don't get is how Scott Speedman thought he was too big to return to this series.
  3. Yeah but it fails at world building in such spectacular fashion while those have found the right formula to excel exceptionally well. That's only if she can take him "Higher." I never saw this film but have seen the others in the series and I realize that the prequel is easily the best of the series because it's Michael Sheen acting the fuck out of a horrible story and making it palatable. The first one is insane for how quickly they try to create a world filled with lore and backstory but try to focus on Kate Beckinsale being in a skin tight bodysuit. There are interesting ideas like getting memories from a person's blood, which was an idea introduced in the first one when the vampires are going to bring their next leader up to speed on current events after a hibernation period, but then they started using it every 10 minutes in the sequel and it was quick diminishing returns.
  4. RyanSz

    Street Trash (1987)

    What will always stick with me about this movie is when I showed it to a bunch of friends for the first time, they were completely shocked by what it was and asked how I found out about it. I told them I was highly recommended the film by the then children's librarian that we all worked with and they could not fathom how he could have seen this in the first place and then liked it enough to adamantly recommend it to me and apparently others.
  5. RyanSz

    Non-political alternative to HDTGM?

    Wait 9/11 jokes are political? I must be doing them wrong.
  6. RyanSz

    Non-political alternative to HDTGM?

    I've noticed recently a couple users popping up with random tangents like this and I'm just assuming it's just the same dude. In all fairness I concern myself with politics/law as little as possible since it's part of my day job, but even when this is brought up in the show, it's not at an amount to really take away from the overall content of the show. And if this is an honest question from OP, simply use Google and just start going down the result list until you find something more in line with what you want.
  7. RyanSz

    Episode 234 - Prelude To A Kiss

    So I will say I didn't watch this movie, but reading the Wiki for it makes this seem like the template for every rom-com where the characters have to have certain quirks to make sure the audience feels that they should not be together, They Came Together might as well be a parody of just this film. As a librarian I can say that there isro no real reason Baldwin should be a big muckity muck just from microfiche. By this point in the 90s that type of product was small, especially in comparison to the wider used format of microfilm which could contain months of information on a single roll, while microfiche were flat singular sheets. Even then, microfilm were bought in massive quantities as most libraries would only really get microfilm of their local paper for local history preservation and maybe one national paper if the budget allowed for it. Libraries in larger cities will usually get the local papers as well as a number of national papers, and university libraries will do the same depending on how big the college is. In essence, this film is really bullshit in making it seem this was a lucrative career option for anyone, not realizing or caring how niche the fiche really is. And no I don't regret writing that last bit.
  8. I will say that I was intrigued by the idea that the premise could have worked well as a horror film, in a kind of Tales From the Crypt type of way, but boy did they find a way to fuck it all up to where it's basically just a horror version of Bedazzled in a way. A couple of the guests' storylines were interested and should have gotten more time, like Maggie Q's, but they focused on the weaker ones like the one involving revenge on a childhood bully and two brothers who wanted to "have it all." It's worse in that a big part of the main twist is given away in the trailer, where the overall trip and what happens is someone's fantasy, but the other half of the twist of whose fantasy it is is kinda telegraphed. Then add to that fuckery the fact that the twist reveal shouldn't work in connection to the island's rules that are explicitly laid out multiple times in the movie or the fact that by the end this movie is meant to act as a soft prequel to the damn TV show, and this should make for an amazing episode.
  9. RyanSz

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    I was always under the assumption it was a rental near where the team played which is what the vast majority of athletes do while they have a permanent home somewhere else in the off season. I'm almost certain he has said that at least once or twice in the last couple decades, sort of like how he's claimed for years he was the initial choice for what became the George Foreman Grill, but he wasn't home when the pitch company made the initial call. I'm honestly surprised it didn't peak at number one, that was a total Mandela Effect moment for me. Now I wish there was an alternate ending where when the spaceship lands on the field and the ramp comes down, both the crumbled masses of Wayne Knight and Jordan's characters tumble down in a pile of mush, and the Tunes realize that due to them not being of their world the damage does take effect, but isn't realized while still in Tune atmosphere near the center of the Earth. That game might as well have been called Fuck Grammar: the Game as there was no logical reason for there to be that many colons in that title. As for the rest of the series, they basically saw what Final Fantasy was starting to do with title schemes and said hold my beer. Kingdom Hearts is trying to match their title ability with some of the batshit names that have been given to the various reboots and remasters that have been put out over the years.
  10. RyanSz

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    Well that ad makes sense because that's a fucking sexy chocolate bar.
  11. RyanSz

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    I know Sunflower was a really big hit, which definitely helped it sell fairly well, but it didn't have any other huge singles which is a shame. It kinda falls into the same category as the Dangerous Minds soundtrack which is basically bolstered by one mega hit while the rest is just kinda there.
  12. RyanSz

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    You're right that is a good one. I just remember the soundtracks of the 90s as basically the way for Seal to release his next big single with each new Batman movie. Also am I alone in thinking that Barkley didn't ask the director for a follow up scene after he got his talent back where he goes back to that park court and utterly dominates that team of kids a la Billy Madison?
  13. RyanSz

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    That soundtrack ruled, I completely ruined my cassette copy with how much I was playing it, though that was also of the times too because back in the 90s the soundtracks were as well, or at times, better received as the movies they were attached to. I mean can anyone here think of a recent soundtrack that got as much acclaim as the movie it was for, I think 8 Mile is the closest in the last 20 years. Karate: made to do it then my parents got divorced so that nixed the whole weekly lessons thing because it cut into visiting time Baseball: I was a good hitter but a shit fielder, played all the way up through coach-pitch Football: never got to play a game as I messed up my Achilles Tendon Basketball: tried out for the school team but didn't make the cut Wrestling: wrestled a couple matches and sucked out loud, then re-aggravated prior injuries So in regards to Jordan's rumored cheating/gambling issues, I found it odd that they made a decent-sized point about how he wouldn't take the easy route in his baseball game when the catcher is literally telling him what pitch is coming, which really stands out today with everything going on in the MLB and the Astros sign stealing scandal. I have to assume that was a Jordan note to make him look like the good guy and also fuck that catcher because if Jordan had slammed one out of the park due to the assistance he was being offered, it could only hurt the pitcher who is only trying to improve his ability and hopefully make it up to the big leagues. Also the Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective apparently had nothing better to do and went through every shot during the game to figure out the box scores for every player and overall stats. https://www.wired.com/2011/03/space-jam-box-scores/
  14. RyanSz

    The Dog Wedding (2016)

    I've been saying for years that they need to cover Ready to Rumble, if only for the butt slushee scene.
  15. I found out about this watching Wrestling With Wregret on Youtube and I felt in my heart of hearts that this should be covered by the show. Featuring former WWE wrestler Albert/Tensai and some German actress, this movie is insane, especially considering the director told Albert to not take any acting classes as he felt that his wrestling career was enough training or the fact that the dog narrates the movie at points. Also there is a pickle coffin burial.