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  1. RyanSz

    The Punisher (2004)

    One performance that should be applauded in this was Will Patton's who actually gives a solid job as Travolta's right hand man, who is a closeted gay man who has hidden feelings for Travolta. I didn't realize the hidden feelings aspect until reading a retrospective review that points to the scene where Travolta kills Patton after that stupid chieftain knife fighting monologue and how Patton doesn't fight back until the knife is literally driven into his body, because he up to that point thought Travolta had finally figured out Patton was gay and returning the feeling, even sharing Patton's preference to rough sex when he grabbed him by the throat. You can actually see Patton caressing Travolta's hand around his throat before he realizes that Travolta has other intentions. As far as Jane's performance as the Punisher goes, I had the chance last year to talk to Tim Bradstreet who worked on the covers for the bulk of the Punisher covers in the early 2000s and he could not stand how Jane played the character, given that the movie came out as Punisher Max was running strong in stores and was a very stark contrast to what was shown in the movie. He said that the movie was a major punchline in the Marvel offices after it fizzled in theaters, used alongside Daredevil and Catwoman as examples of why comics won't be taken seriously in movies.
  2. RyanSz

    High Tension (2003)

    Going to bump this thread because this film really should be covered on the podcast, if only for the bonkers twist and the scene where the killer is getting oral sex using a decapitated head, which in connection to the twist has no basis in reality and shouldn't exist.
  3. RyanSz

    Tyler Perry's Acrimony (2018)

    From what I've seen of the trailer of his new Netflix movie, he appears to be keeping the trend going.
  4. RyanSz

    Dolittle (2020)

    I was surprised to see the reviews for this as the biggest common complaint I saw was how only really the youngest of kids might find enjoyment from it, despite the trailers making it seem like a serious-ish film for all ages. Yet considering that Disney released nearly ten films last year that grossed over a billion dollars, I guess they can afford to have one bomb a year.
  5. RyanSz

    Favorite Movies of 2019

    Key to an Oscar nomination: 1. Biopic of famous, preferably well loved, individual, bonus points if they have debilitating ailment - Firth in King's Speech, Redmayne in The Theory of Everything 2. Movie set in entertainment industry or emphasis on media of some kind, though this usually works more towards Best Picture nominees - The Artist, Argo, Birdman, Spotlight, Chicago 3. Major physical transformation - Theron in Monster, Bale in The Fighter, Leto and McConaughey in Dallas Buyer's Club It's why the final scene of Tropic Thunder is even more funny as when Ben Stiller's character is getting his Oscar you see the other nominees include Tom Hanks as an athlete in the Paralympics, Sean Penn as a blind man, Jon Voight in some sort of period piece, and Tobey Maguire as a gay monk. Also for the original purpose of this thread, I need to add the Jacob's Ladder remake to the worst of last year as that movie is an utter dumpster fire, while if you want a nice chuckle for a fairly short kitchy movie, check out The Velocipastor on Prime. It realizes you're watching it to see how bad it is and plays very well into that in a very Black Dynamite kind of way.
  6. Of for sure, Wiseau's sex scenes were basically narcissistic in that he's basically showing himself off, like if it was him just having sex with a pillow rather than Lisa, he would have been fine with that because people would still see his ass and hump technique. There's also a mix of naivety in Wiseau's as it appears he shot the scenes like that as he thought that's how scenes like that were shot by big film studios, like many other misconceptions he had about the movie making process. That's not to say there wasn't an aspect of perviness on Wiseau's part in having a sex scene with an attractive woman, but Breen's scenes have a very Weinstein feel to them with no irony in them.
  7. Oh I definitely expect there to be some kind of knockoff HDTGM type characters that die in brutal suicides in his next film.
  8. In all fairness, they really need to cover Double Down, where Breen is a super covert secret agent, and Pass Thru, where he's a Messiah type character who comes to Earth to wipe out a percentage of bad people in order to start world peace. The funny thing about the latter is the number he's looking to wipe out is around 300 million people, which while is a large number it still leaves a large percentage of the current population on the world, and there are sure to still be a few assholes left over that would upturn the world peace apple cart. It's sort of like Dr. Evil demanding a ransom of $1 million from world leaders in the 90s when that's a now minute amount of money compared to a few decades prior.
  9. RyanSz

    Jacob's Ladder (2019)

    I just saw this on Netflix and it is completely terrible, and not in a good for the show kind of way. This could have been a remake that worked because the original isn't one of the biggest hits in the genre and really is only remembered for a few scenes and the giant twist at the end, so there isn't a high bar far the remake to at least meet for new and returning viewers alike. and instead fumbled every way that it could, which is even more shocking as there are solid actors filling out this cast. Rather than play into what people are expecting with the twist, it instead goes and focuses on what was a red herring in the original film, and did so boringly.
  10. Yeah it was clearly the suburbs around Vegas and the industrial areas where the local businesses are at. I do remember reading that a couple of the nicer cars were actually Breen's and that others were donated because he was a member of some autoclub in Vegas.
  11. I know they joked about being part of a Disaster Artist-like film for this, but this won't work as Breen is very much more up his artistic ass than Wiseau ever was. While Wiseau has at least softened over the years to what The Room actually is compared to what he wanted it to be, Breen has been unapologetic about what he's made, standing firm that it's a great movie and that critics don't understand it, and how it should be distributed, hence why it's no longer available on Prime like it was a couple years ago. It's also odd in that all of his other movies follow a similar plot of a guy who is amazing at everything being pulled into some gigantic conspiracy, all while shitty green screen effects and local theater actors abound throughout the film. I will say looking to see if this was available to rent on Prime and found a litany of Breen based products like shirts on how to hack the government like Breen and coffee mugs featuring his nodding off scene.
  12. RyanSz

    Favorite Movies of 2019

    Yeah the scene that kept popping in my head was when De Niro beat up the store owner who pushed his daughter. It's clearly a young De Niro's face in the fight scene but his body is hunched and stilted when he's kicking and punching the guy because he can't do those moves as fluidly anymore. And Shudder is worth the subscription for all it has to offer, more so for how cheap it is especially compared to other channels on Prime that offer way less.
  13. RyanSz

    Favorite Movies of 2019

    Two I forgot to add to my best list was Dolemite Is My Name, which is kind of like The Disaster Artist for Blaxploitation movies. Eddie Murphy is fantastic in it and shows he still has incredible comedic timing but can play dramatic when needed to. The other is The Irishman which as a mob film lover, easily gets into my top ten mob movies of all time, even if the de-aging tech doesn't work when they still have De Niro's 80+ year old body doing the action.
  14. RyanSz

    Favorite Movies of 2019

    I really enjoyed Pet Sematary and it was definitely an honorable mention for me. I felt the switching of which kid was killed was brilliant albeit ruined by every fucking trailer. Having the daughter be able to verbalize what she witnessed and felt on the other side after dying was a great touch while the book and original having Gage being the kid who died relied on the creepiness of a killer toddler, which definitely worked in itself. My two gripes about this would be that the family never questioned why they were getting 50 acres for super cheap when they bought the house, or the fact that the never looked at the surrounding land until after they found the titular cemetery, like do some fucking due diligence. The other issue I had was when the daughter died, I'm not that great at physics, but even I know when a storage container weighing a couple tons even when empty comes sliding towards a small child at over 70 miles an hour, that kid isn't just going to be knocked gently over to the side of the rode with a cut on the back of her head, that kid would be a fucking smear of pasta sauce going down that highway. I enjoyed Glass all the way until that ending because it was so tacked on to incorporate that twist, which would have been better if there had been sprinklings of it hidden in the first two films. It just seemed done solely for the sake of M. Night having a twist in the movie, when it really didn't need one when the performance of its three leads were so strong, especially McAvoy who again is amazing as the split personality Horde. Child's Play really surprised me with how well it was done despite being a totally different origin story/theme for the killer, and the mechanics behind how the doll could become a killer. I still hope that the proposed TV show for the original series happens as the last two films, Curse and Cult of Chucky, are outstanding films, more so considering they were direct to video releases. If you haven't seen them I recommend you do as it removes a lot of the over the top comedy of the previous two films and goes back to the darker horror elements of the first few films.
  15. RyanSz

    Favorite Movies of 2019

    I ended up enjoying a lot more films this year than hating, with many of the hated being straight to streaming. I enjoyed Velvet Buzzsaw especially after reading some breakdowns and differing theories, but it didn't end up on my top list. Brightburn was a decent attempt at a dark superhero universe (which was definitely teased in the mid-credit scene) but I felt that it shouldn't have been a chance crash as to why the boy was on Earth, but rather an orchestrated move by his home planet where they are sending "orphans" to life bearing planets in order to take them over from within. My top films, in no real order, were the following: El Camino: a Breaking Bad Movie Little Monsters Joker It Chapter 2 Spider-Man Far From Home Midsommar Once Upon a Time In Hollywood John Wick 3 Avengers Endgame Us Doctor Sleep Never Surrender: a Galaxy Quest Documentary Knives Out Jojo Rabbit Uncut Gems While the ones I despised were these dumpster fires: The Fanatic - definitely needs to be covered on the show The Kitchen - such wasted potential of cast and source material MIB International - how do you screw up the chemistry already shown between your leads in another film in what should be a simple premise to reboot Dark Phoenix - it's now clear that the Phoenix storyline should never be attempted on film Hellboy - there was a brief glimpse of a good premise in this with the Lovecraftian monster attack on London scene, but they decided to stick with boring banter and humor Polar - tried too much to be a John Wick knockoff with god knows how many absurd wigs Serenity - should be clear why this is mentioned Treehouse - ham fisted message inside a subpar horror film Tone Deaf - another ham fisted attempt to critique stereotypes of two generations of people, only to further emphasize those stereotypes Rambo: Last Blood - laughably bad and possibly the darkest of the franchise 3 From Hell - bland rehash of Devil's Rejects, although adding Richard Brake was a nice touch