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  1. djsexyrandal

    Episode 307 - Ayo Edebiri, Our Expert Youth Friend

    I wanna see the couple
  2. djsexyrandal

    Cum Town Promo Swap

    Been out of the loop for a bit, does anyone know if the boys have held up their end of the bargain?
  3. djsexyrandal

    Episode 485 - The 8th Anniversary Show!

    First thing I thought of, too. Hard to call it a rip off, but when the Chief character first appeared on CBB it was the first time I had thought of that show since I was part of its target audience ... curious that it would be a reference on SNL, complete with Chief, 6 days after the pod
  4. djsexyrandal

    "Lick my pussy, Precious"

    Did Scott or a guest say this on an episode of CBB/CDR? If so, can you please tell me which one? This would be in reference to the character Precious, star of the movie Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire
  5. djsexyrandal

    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    some of you guys are nuts, Gilbert was great and his interruptions towards the end with the old sitcom plots were the high point of the episode. Adomian's off-mic laughter confirms this.
  6. djsexyrandal

    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    I really wanna know what was edited out before the plugs.
  7. djsexyrandal

    Best of 2015 Pt. 4

    It's funny you say that because I'm the exact opposite. When I hear the best of clips I instantly remember the stretch of road I was on when a certain bit cracked me up. Goes all the way back to when I first started listening 4 years ago. One moment that really sticks out to me was listening to WTF on the treadmill at the gym, and it was an episode with a former Onion writer who attempted suicide and he told his story. I was basically sobbing by the end of it. Must have looked weird as hell. This ends my super interesting off topic post.
  8. djsexyrandal

    Episode 393 - Peanuts Awareness

    Am I a shark?
  9. djsexyrandal

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    the subscription underwear service is the most podcasty ad i've ever heard
  10. djsexyrandal

    EPISODE 379 — Realies and Fictionals

    here's a great story. the whole time listening i was like "i know who Adam Devine is but I can't remember where and I can't picture him" and he sounded exactly like Andy Richter to me until he mentioned workaholics at the end and then he didn't sound like Andy Richter at all. Alia Shawkat, who I had an AGE APPROPRIATE crush on in the Arrested Development days, asking if she can smoke was great. I saw her on Getting Doug With High, perhaps she assumed that's what happens on all podcasts?
  11. djsexyrandal

    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    Oh my god I forgot what it was like to be laughing so hard and consistently that I can't smoke a cigarette or drink water while listening The stupid Scarsdale gag got me every fucking time. good fucking lord #1 of 2015, no contest.
  12. djsexyrandal

    EPISODE 372 — Motown Tea

    God damn Diane Coffee has an amazing voice. Great tunes too. Cool to get hipped to some new music on a comedy podcast. A pretty funny guest, too.
  13. djsexyrandal

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Hiya, I'm not having account issues but I am having issues with the app - it crashes a lot, forgets my favorites, deletes my downloads, etc. Also it buffers a lot more when streaming than Downcast ever did, which doesn't make a lot of sense. I hope things improve so I can use it more!
  14. djsexyrandal

    EPISODE 371 — You Got PreDICted!

    Jermaine didn't sound frazzled to me at all, he's just as dry and soft spoken as you'd expect from Flight of the Conchords. Still a bit of weird ep, I love all the women in Wild Horses but there were definitely many instances of jumping all over each other's bits.