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    The Pest (1997)

    I tried watching this with a friend back when this came out on VHS. We were in our teens at the time. We turned it off after 10 minutes. I'm scared to go back.
  2. AshAttax

    Episode 39.5 — Minisode 39.5

    Based on some preliminary CTRL + F'ing of the script....If you do a shot everytime they say "law", you will go through 1.5 fifths of liquor.
  3. AshAttax

    Cyborg (1989)

    This movie takes place in a world where everybody is named after instruments and musical equipment(Marshall Strat, Gibson Rickebacker, Fender Tremolo, etc). In a world that was once part of failed projects for both Spiderman AND Masters of the Universe 2. From IMDB Trivia: "This film was conceived to use the costumes and sets built both for an intended sequel of Masters of the Universe and a live version of 'Spider-Man'. Both projects were planned to shoot simultaneously by Albert Pyun. After Cannon had to cancel deals with both Mattel and Marvel because of their financial troubles, they needed to recoup the money spent on both projects. Then Pyun wrote the story Cyborg. Some network television still give the film's title as 'Masters of the Universe 2: Cyborg' which often confuses many into thinking a sequel to that film was made." I think this one is ripe for the picking.