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    Feedburner stats aren't particularly reliable, they are OK for giving you a ballpark idea of your listenership, but nothing I'd rely on. I run a video/audio podcast network for a living and I use Amazon S3 and their cloudfront distribution platform. I've never been a fan of having to work within a cap with Libsyn. The CDN setup I have gives me far greater control/flexibility and you can't get much more reliable than Amazon S3.
  2. Skype, unfortunately, is still far and away the best affordable solution, particularly for audio. Few tips to improve Skype for podcasts: -Disable automatic microphone controls in sound preferences for everyone involved. Skype will automatically adjust levels of audio, which generally leads to bad results. You want to be able to have that control. -Always, I mean always, make sure your guests are wearing headphones/ear buds and that they know general microphone technique(talking past, not directly into the mic for starters)