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  1. Great episode. Definitely one of my favorites so far. Thanks for putting this out each week; it really is a joy to listen to.
  2. Cole P

    Episode 48.5 — Minisode 48.5

    Dear Paul, I have to say, if you can get Ricky from Sleepaway Camp on the show, I think you're morally obligated to do so. Imagine, what if you didn't have Natalie from Birdemic or Jack O'Halloran or Greg Sestero from The Room to talk about their movies?! No, I think the wonderful mind-bending thrill ride which is Sleepaway Camp deserves its share of glory too. And if you're worried that learning too much about how the movie got made might spoil the fun, keep in mind, you can always trick him! Get him on, pretending that you want him to talk about Sleepaway Camp, and then throw a curveball right at his head by making him talk about a different movie! Just something to consider. Love, Cole P ps--I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday. I know I am.
  3. Cole P

    Submit clips here!

    Jake, are you familiar with the campaign to support Chris Christmas Rodgriguez? With both the election and Christmas on the way, I think it's important to remeber all our options.
  4. Cole P

    Episode 42 — Batman & Robin

    Man, I gotta rewatch this movie! I wonder if the Batman and Robin surf scene outdoes the amazing Kurt Russell surf scene in Escape from LA?
  5. Cole P

    Episode 41 — Spider-Man 3

    Man, I remember when this movie came out I was SO excited for Venom. He was my favorite Spidey villain, and he was gonna be this enormous montrous creature that was gonna kick ass the whole time. And then I saw the movie. I don't think they could've made Venom in this movie any less like the crazy badass he is in the comics..... Great episode, guys. This shitty movie is full of WTF moments.
  6. Cole P

    The First Annual HDTGM Awards

    Most Un-interesting or Non-heroic Protagonist Most Un-intersting or Non-threatening Antagonist