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  1. AstronautDown

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Hey guys. I'm a huge fan of the show. I haven't posted for a long while and I hate to return to the forum to criticize the show but I want to assure everyone that I do it out of pure love for the show and our beloved gang! I'm a huge fan of Jason, and I usually don't mind—in fact, I enjoy—his energy. But I have to say, I found him a bit overwhelming in this one, to the point that might make this ep. hard to revisit. I really wish he'd left some more space for the guests to participate... I also felt there were a bit too many clips (I think Paul felt it too). That said, I do get why. I too would want to rewatch this madness with a nice group of friends because the movie was perfect for the podcast! The opening (bike) scene together with the skiff scene were among the most hilarious things ever to grace the show! Love <3
  2. AstronautDown

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    First off, this movie rules. 100% Stephen King bonkers, with a Madchen Amick cherry on top. I'm genuinely in love with her! Btw, the scenario Jason posits in which King falls drunk asleep and wakes up to find the scrip on his desk? If you've read King's brilliant book On Writing you know it's probably true. So, obviously great ep! June is the greatest Was super happy that Jayson mentioned the soundtrack. 50s tunes are basically a recurring theme in King's books. I'd seen this film back when I was a kid and the one scene that has really stuck with me was Tanya's dance in the old theatre. Speaking of Tanya, when Paul said she looked like someone who would seduce her therapist I immediately though of Madchen Amick's movie Dream Lover. If you are a fan of the actress, do yourselves a favor and watch it. Also wanted to say, speaking of Stephen King: If you saw this week's teaser for IT, please allow me to posit the following scenario: kid chases paper boat, bumps head on roadblock, dies, Jacob's Ladder. That's all. Can't wait to see who Blake interviews!
  3. AstronautDown

    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    Saw some people complain about the movie. I personally find most of the HDTGM movies unwatchable (some notable exceptions do exist: Gymkata, The Room, Death Spa, Speepaway Camp, etc.). But having watched does make the episodes more enjoyable so it's usually worth it. What I do in case of having to watch such doosies as Battlefield Earth or an epic like Stealth is play them on a faster playback speed. Sweet spot for most HDTGM movies seems to be x1.3 but for some I will happily go to x1.5, and for particularly boring sequences as fast as x2. It can chop off up to 30 minutes from a 90min movie, which is not negligible. Plus it makes some sequences funnier About this episode in particular, I just want to say, when Paul introduced Nick, the actor who played Adam, I literally freaked out! I loved both the moment and his commentary on the experience Also, when Paul brought up the novel version of the film—flawless. Especially given the fact that he had the chance to do it in the beginning of the episode but he still saved it for later! Paul, kwan-tsu, dude!
  4. Also, I'd like to point out how there was this line in the movie where someone would explain how all these highlanding shenanigans are "magic... kind of". The writers must surely be awarded a Howdie for most shoehorned reference to a Queen's song!
  5. Not a correction, neither an omission, more like an addition. Ok... I don't know what got into me but for some reason I saw three cuts of this movie! First, the 2004 Special edition. This is a retouched Renegade cut with different color grading, some updated VFX. I assume this is the one the gang saw. Now, I had seen the movie as a kid and the only thing I remember was the ominous red shield. On the 2004 SE the shield is blue! This seems like a weird choice to me because it takes away the visual contrast between the shield and the blue sky... Anyway, this feeling of "something is wrong" prompted me to pursue the other versions and do a comparison. So—literally side by side—I saw the theatrical cut and an the original Renegade. And that's when things started getting really crazy... First of all: enter Zeist! Holy shit, what were they thinking? Paul has already mentioned it in the episode so I won;t elaborate. The whole thing with Zeist is crazy and makes zero sense. What is crazier though is the acrobatics the director had to do to cut around it. It's a real eye opener, especially if you're an editor, director, or anything film-making adjacent, or a film lover in general. Great insight of how movies are made right there! I also want to verify Jason's comment about about this movie being cut out of order and Katana (Michael Ironside) being literally omnipresent. He was spot on. The amount of switching scenes around varies from slight plot rearranging to creating an entirely different narrative. And btw, the airplane scene in the theatrical cut is continuous, with just a TV-style fade between the two shots, making the time Sean Connery is on air just a normal Transatlantic trip instead of the Week-long saga that is in the Renegade cut. Speaking of fades, there are literally Star Wars-style wipes in the theatrical cut! But the most important change in the two versions is the line that Sean Connery says to his female co-passenger. "In fact it's well known that the dark-haired ladies *whispers*...". In the theatrical AND 2004 versions this is omitted, but in the original Renegade it's crystal clear that he continues "...like to sit on men's faces". SAY WHAT???? That's right motherfucker, my main man Ramirez is laying down the law: You will sit on my face and I will eat out whatever it is sitting on my face which I care not to identify! Peace.
  6. AstronautDown

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    Hey all. I don't post on the boards too often but trust me when I say I'm a hardcore fan of HDTGM, plus I'm Greek so I think that makes me the Jason of this group... Last night I was preparing a long post on the whole paywall debacle. A post which I thankfully did not finish because after listening to Paul's intro for this ep it had to be revised. First off, a few words on Howl as a concept. I personally don't care for subscription services, but to each their own. My particular problem with Howl though is that I'm asked to pay for access to a selection of podcasts that I don't care to listen to. Sure, there are some good ones there, and sure, it's cheap (more on that later), but I personally don't care to consume art [/font]in bulk. I'm particular about the art/comedy/music/etc. that I like, and I choose to support those specific artists. But hey, if Howl is your thing, and it's something you can afford, it's fine with me! My main issue though has been an argument used by many here about how "it's so cheap" to subscribe to Howl. Apologies for being harsh but that argument seems narrow-minded (and borderline privileged). How can one know how much money one is making and what their disposable income is? And what is the exact cheap price tag of the HDTGM archives in this argument? Is it $5? Surely not, since that's only a month's worth... Is it $35 for the year? OK, and then what? Who decides how long I need to subscribe for until it's no longer considered cheap? Furthermore, how can one assume what exactly those five bucks mean to one's monthly budget? Many folk are probably counting on this free entertainment because they can't afford any paid one... So please, I would kindly ask you to refrain from arguing how cheap Howl is because cheap is different for each of us. I write this with the utmost respect to all in this forum. Thank you kindly and apologies again for being so outspoken! Finally, there is something that I was on the fence about posting here, but after Paul's intro I decided to go ahead. My main problem is that there is an inherent unfairness in how the archives were removed because many people did not have the heads-up to back episodes up—a process which could be easily done on iTunes and did not involve any nefarious activity. Who is to say that I cannot listen to Sleepaway Camp anymore simply because I did not keep a copy of it, while another person can? I don't like this. I don't like it one bit... I'm sure if one does enough digging they can find scattered episodes online. In fact I'm pretty sure an HDGTM torrent is being compiled as we speak. But if we can learn something from this is that a show like this deserves better preservation (even if they do come up with a solution as Paul alluded to in this ep's intro)! And it's been painfully demonstrated that it's up to us, the fans, to preserve it. So here's my proposal: a dropbox folder of a curated archive that is easy for everyone to access and could be updated every week. Obviously not an easy task but surely nothing HDTGM fans cannot handle. If I knew that such an archive existed I would honestly sleep a little better. I would probably not even access it, just be happy to know my favourite show rests safely within my grasp. If only a hardcore fan would volunteer to perform such task... Now, surely I'm not such a person. I'm not a person with enough hard drive space to have been archiving episodes all along (even the obscure ones), enough dropbox space to spare, enough time to have already manually renamed AND tagged the mp3s and also—as a bonus—removed all the pre-roll ads. And I'm definitely not the person to be uploading such an archive as we speak. But if I was such a person and one of you sent me a private message asking for a link to this alleged dropbox folder, I would probably share it with you. Alas, I'm definitely not this person... Aaaanyway... I do hope such a person exists, purely for the sake of HDTGM's legacy! And if they do, I would probably call them the Jason of this group. Take care, people of Earth. P.S. Paul, you better take the gang and come to Greece, or else I'll come find you in LA! I mean, in a live show, not like a threat. I'll come to the live show.
  7. AstronautDown

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    Ok, here me out. This is definitely one of the greatest movies in the HDTGM compendium. And this episode is an instant classic. That said, there are huge chunks of the movie that were simply omitted, which is inevitable given its length and chaotiness, but also a shame since literally every frame of this film is crazy banana bonkers! Hence... I propose the first official HDTGM sequel. I'm not talking Zardoz-style. I'm talking, same team in the studio, talking about the film again. Go over the omitted parts, go over the same parts, honestly, who cares. Just keep talking Dreamcatcher to me! All in favor, like, repost, tweet, start a petition, whatever. Just make it happen.
  8. Moroi-Strigoi-Dhampir supercut was banana bonkers. C+ ep.
  9. AstronautDown

    Episode 143.5 - Minisode 143.5

    Post-credit sequence alert.
  10. AstronautDown

    Episode 441 - Your Cousin Marvin

    Loved this ep.! When Carl said he was Michael Phelps's "cousin Marvin, Marvin Phelps", I lost my marbles! Neil has a unique talent for being unexpectedly and casually perverted! Characterweties always brings it as usual. Definitely a C+.
  11. AstronautDown

    Episode 138.5 - Minisode 138.5

    Just saw "Simply Irresistible". I think this might be the most bonkers movie the gang has ever picked. Literally nothing makes sense! Great pick which leaves me with very high hopes for the episode
  12. I don't know if there ever was an episode for which I was so looking forward to June's input... I feel it would add so much to the conversation! Alas... Still, chicken/salmonella pussy were solid additions to Zouks' Compendium of all things Gross.
  13. AstronautDown

    Episode 137.5 - Minisode 137.5

    Interesting development! I also watched DragonHeart and kinda liked it, which in turn made me even more interested in the episode! Alas... Anyway, TBND looks like a doozie and I have every reason to believe it will make for a banana-bonkers episode, but I really liked HDTGM's return to fantasy. Now I hope Warcraft gets an episode, it seems people from all walks of life hate it, plus, can you even imagine June's take on it? I mean, what exactly is an Orc fighter, really?
  14. AstronautDown

    Episode 136 - Hell Comes to Frogtown: LIVE!

    Correction: Sam Hell's name was not revealed 45 minutes in! There was a "wanted" poster with his name in the beginning of the video! Unfortunately I can't get a picture of it because I deleted the video from my hard drive the exact moment the video ended. So if one of you guys can grab a screencap of it and post it as a reply to this we can totally share the first correction-collabo award.
  15. AstronautDown

    Episode 419 - The 7th Anniversary Show!

    To whom it may concern, here is the Heynong Man song they speak of. (Tagged as spoiler to minimize the plug effect—doesn't actually spoil anything.)