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  1. It's always the white teachers that hate minorities huh. This is why it sounds like you hate white people. So yes pointing out racist things that some white teachers do and making generalizations about all white teachers makes you racist. Yo! You're a racist.
  2. Jengaman

    Episode 113 β€” Pullin Wool

    I guess when you really think about it, a goose laying an egg is almost like... a gooses time of the month? But it happens every day. So ladies....stop complainin', Birds have it worse.
  3. Jengaman

    Episode 12 β€” Mazel Tov, My Nigga

    There's something hilarious about Nocando reading the adverts...
  4. Jengaman

    Episode 107.5 β€” 12/21/12 TWO CHARTED 46

    I'm seeing the Raff Riff tonight in Chicago!!! I hope he does "For my Gear" with Chief Keef!! My favorite who charted moment was the whole Eric Andre episode, which i know people hate but i loved it.
  5. Jengaman

    Episode 105 β€” Chart Remix!

    I have a feeling Brett wanted to call Martin a child for wanting Ketchup...because i sure did.
  6. Meh, I can't think of anything better to call Lebron than "freak of nature"....besides douchebag. But i think every one that covers football is racist.
  7. Jengaman

    Episode 101.5 β€” 11/9/12 TWO CHARTED 40

    Oh man...i want a hot dog pizza slapped across my face right now....then ill eat it.
  8. Jengaman

    Episode 101 β€” Crazzle Dazzles

    I'm glad the DSB album is my consolation prize as a conservative!! But i thought Wie Wie would love global warming. HELLOOO SUMMAH ALL YEAR BABY! ya feel me?
  9. Jengaman

    Episode 98 β€” A Wordy MΓ©nage

    Cool thanks for the heads up
  10. Jengaman

    Episode 75 β€” Global Warming

    Can we have a "the hatch" episode?
  11. Jengaman

    Episode 98 β€” A Wordy MΓ©nage

    Can't get enough of the riff raff/ lil b talk. Riff Raffs raps are super funny, probably the best tats in the rap game. He also raps with 17 year olds and autistic kids, and makes them look awesome. Its pretty great. Has Jensen or Howard listened to MC Paul Barman? Some one to check out if you like entertaining rappers.
  12. Jengaman

    Episode 97 β€” Funchbob Coolpants

    Wie just pulled off the best plug sesh ever!
  13. Jengaman

    Episode 81 β€” Cheetos & Horseradish

    Wow i might be late.... These people are so sensitive.... "QQ my eawrs huwt"
  14. Jengaman

    Episode 60 β€” Quantum Physics

    Yay! I've been waiting for this episode since the computers one. But still....hard to listen to the smart guy when the giggly children in the back mumble things. But what i got to hear was very interesting! and confusing! Hopefully I'll get a better grasp of it after some "Wikipediaing" Keep talking about science philosophy and metaphysical stuff guys, don't turn this into a podcast where you just talk about nothing like some people want here. That's very boring. I'm sorry to hear that people who listen just tune out the guests. Whats the point? And who would guest on a podcast where the listeners just want to hear them get interrupted? Do you people just half listen while waiting for swamp rock guy(or any impression)? and then go "WEEEE JOKEY JOKES!"...sounds lame. I like a good mix. As long as there is story time in the beginning ,science discussion in the middle, and horribly messy endings with forced laughter and bad emails, this will still be my favorite podcast. Great guest. great cast. Keep doing more like these!!!