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  1. Just listened and knew there would be a huge thread. Read all of it, and I gotta say . . . I thought there'd be more Mississippi talk. Vampire shouldn't have to suffer alone! I'm one of the three or four with their foot out the door, but it is kind of hilarious for Matt to say that sweeping generalizations are crazy, especially when it comes to ARKANSAS! but Mississippi is just a racism dumping ground. The South is full of beautiful country sides, cool iced tea on a hot summer's day, and racism. Lots and lots of racism. But so is everywhere in America, so its okay. It's a part of every day life and those who want to acknowledge it and either support or fight it, good on you! But there's no escaping it with this country's history. I'm not saying, "sweep it under the rug", but it's inevitable. There have obviously been strides, but there won't be leaps and bounds for another good long while. I'm from Mississippi and know a lot of wonderful, tolerant people, but most of them were born out of state
  2. Zack21

    Episode 10 — On The Catwalk

    That is the nerdiest bit of poker information I've ever heard . . . And I can think of no better place to have read it. Also, this episode = good times and a near complete party wipe out. I was kind of hoping that Mildred would trip over the railing and accidentally hang herself (mind you I actually enjoy all the characters). A botch death would have been for some crazy entertainment though, possibly one involving a dog dick and jizz on some tits.
  3. Ayo, lemme smell yo dick. The name of the song says it all, but after viewing a few times, I honestly think this is supposed to be a legit song.
  4. Zack21

    Undefeatable (1993)

    Oh, I'm well aware that she was in her mid 30s in the movie. Her character seemed much younger than that however, with her being a member of a gang. The dialogue didn't add to the maturity (i.e. the interrogation scene near the beginning). I way undersold Sgt. DiMarco and the "Abnormal Psychology" professor, who also practices psychology, and according to some mail sent to Stingray's house, has an M.D. instead of a Psy.D. The "chemistry" between these two is priceless. Also, there is yet another horndog sidekick.
  5. Seen this one a few times and not sure if it's been done on the show or submitted yet. I still have no idea if he's serious or not, but his voice and Joby are pretty incredible.
  6. Plenty of great choices abound in the forum, but this has got to be one of the front runners. Martial arts experts abound, and gangster asians too smart for college. Floral dresses, and eyeball collections. A creepy man with mother issues named Stingray. And a perky youth '90s babe (Cynthia Rothrock) just trying to make money for her sister's tuition by fighting for her street gang and pouring coffee for overzealous cops. Watched it twice in 24 hours. Holy christ on a cracker is this a fucking masterpiece of wtf and "so serious it's hilarious" moments. Just watch the link below for a piece of the puzzle. LOVE this movie. Please find and enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjOw-wuMjI8
  7. Zack21

    Episode 51 — Too Soon

    Changing the subject back to MS, I can vouch for Matt's saying that everyone kicked out of Arkansas ends up in Mississippi. I'm still living here, and it's truly terrible, but most of my family is from AR. And to Tim Meadows comments, it really is unfortunate that the audience was that terrible. It's impossible to find anyone here who's not incredibly Christian and Conservative, but good on you for trying a show here, in the asshole of America.
  8. I'm a southern atheist, which makes it sometimes difficult to handle all the religion thrown at me, but in having been surrounded by it and raised with it, for a little while at least, it's really easy now to just chill out and let people believe what they want to believe. It's best to go by the eloquent mantra, "don't be a dick." Not being a dick really solves all problems, because people who are dicks usually have skewed views and have to have their opinions be the most aggressive and one-sided. Guy who wrote the email, stop being a dick and just let everyone believe what they want. What's it hurting you if someone's Christian or Muslim or Agnostic or even just spiritual? Just because you believe one thing, that doesn't mean you can shit on someone else's beliefs. This episode is hilarious and it embodies the notion that extremism is just a real dick move.
  9. Zack21

    Bad Summer Movies!

    Last Action Hero is AMAZING! Smiley Face Eyed bad guys? Come on! I agree, it must be done.