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  1. Cartoon Tim

    Episode 62 — 4/12/13 TWO CHARTED 62

    Tell Howard not to end the DBS video contest yet! Workin on New Born Baby Colt...
  2. Cartoon Tim

    Episode 100 — 100th Episode LIVE from UCB-LA

    Congrats on 100. It is, as Howard suggests, a support group of a kind. Keep it goin!
  3. Cartoon Tim

    Episode 97 — Funchbob Coolpants

    new chart theme keeps the tradition of greatness alive. long live Chart Themes!
  4. Cartoon Tim

    Episode 8 — Making Black Friends

    Jon Daly is a wee bit racist, no?
  5. Cartoon Tim

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    It's still got Who Charted? magic, and you can imagine Ku and WeWe cringing along with you in the rough parts.
  6. Cartoon Tim

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    I LOVE "Who Charted", and I swear I'll post again on something I like, but, yes, as said by the above, this is an hour of learning how douchey one man can be. Howard, Kulap, I still love you!