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    Episode 136 — Black Metal

    If I may say this, Fuck the logic they leap to without any research or knowledge of the topic. he would rant for days if someone said every rap fan was a {Insert whatever bad thing here}. You can't let a vocal minority set a sterotype for the rest of a group. Just becuse the only exposure you have to something is bad, it doesn't mean every in that group is bad. Ti is using the same logic that a lot of the poeple he is making fun is using, " well I have only seen this person do this, so everyone else in this group is the same." Come on Ti, get your shit together and make any effort at all. You are at your best when you know what you are talking about.
  2. JessieMoochieCooper

    Episode 128 — Naptime!

    I been listening to the podcast for a while and i really don't like the Oprah "game." i understand the love Elizabeth feels for the show, but the game doesn't go well most of the time. With that being said, i love everything else and understand that this is only one opinion from one person.