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  1. I had to look up this caller. He isn't kidding- thousands of songs on Spotify. I got him about three cents in profit today checking out a few songs. Here is his song for Scott Auckerman: https://open.spotify...cSam8GaWjU5OPRV
  2. Carl S'Junior

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Put me in the frustrated group as well. Nothing stays downloaded and random crashes. I also don't like that it doesn't continue playing after I get a phone call. It's weird this was released - seems like a beta version. I'm thinking of canceling and starting back up once things are fixed.
  3. Yup- download errors. Thanks for the heads up regarding the sound cloud player!
  4. Carl S'Junior

    Plugs Theme

    Plugs Theme/ Hollywood Facts mash up https://soundcloud.c...ior/plugs-theme
  5. My votes so far... 103 49:20 to 55:15 "Shitting Robot" 106: "Rainbow Party" - 38:04 113: "Vagina, Mouth, Asshole, Nondescript" - 30:21 115: "Ron Paleel / Curling" - 46:18 121: 43:22 - 49:15 (sleepover/wet dream) 126: "Atlantis" - 42:47 127: "Everything is Animals" - 1:00:31
  6. Carl S'Junior

    Episode 17 - Building The Track Pt. 5

    I agree with others that the Making The Track Rafflecasts are just incredible. Love the fast paced creativity. This is pure genius (as, I think, Howard Kremer said on his guest spot). Keep up the great work!
  7. Carl S'Junior

    Tig Has Friends - Largo, 8/3/2012

    In case anyone hasn't heard, Tig's audio from that night has been released on Louie CK's site: https://buy.louisck.net/
  8. Carl S'Junior

    Episode 167 — New No-Nos

    New no-no.... if you are all gonna comment, then....that means I get to make my first comment. I would like to take the place of Seth and drive Wompler around town. And then wait for her.