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  1. Mathey

    Episode 179 - Eudora, AR

    The moment when Junior the Pig put on a top hat is going to stay with me a long time. Great episode!
  2. Mathey

    Episode 086: Season 2 Finale!

    Thanks for another great season of Bonding!
  3. God, these shows with kids are so great! The dynamic between Gilbert and his kids was delightful, plus there was a bonus Gourley!
  4. Drew is rapidly joining the ranks of my favorite Podcast Guests. He and Paul can just go on a run for hours
  5. What a lovely and fitting tribute to Paul! I'll miss Spont but I look forward to what follows.
  6. Mathey

    Episode 076: On Her Majesty's Secret Slideshow

    More travelogues please!
  7. Mathey

    Pistol Shrimps Radio 5/15/2018

    I hope Blasooch AKA Pincones can recover from the small stroke she experienced during this episode. P.S. Hyped for the D.C. trip! My dream vacation is having Matt and Mark be tour guides at the Smithsonian.
  8. "Then you have to go 'Cult Turkey'." "Okay, enough, right?"
  9. Mathey

    Episode 074: Bond, James Bond: Ranked

    I could listen to Irvin Kershner mispronounce Star Wars names all day.
  10. Mathey


    Still can't get over South Divoricingounce Tammy Faye. What an achievement in the development of the English language.
  11. Mathey


    A multimedia wonderland of music, comedy, drama, sports, and (now) the visual arts!