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  1. elizamuffins

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    what? I usually check the forums after I listen to a pod but I listened to this one on the plane before my vacation and I am totally shocked to see all the negativity about this ep! It was great! I really enjoyed Pete Holmes and the new intern from Lon Guyland lol. Are we getting to a point where CBB has fans that want the same old jokes recycled over and over and just wanna hear the GREATEST HITS and nothing new and different? listen you guys CBB ain't your favorite old time jam band where you can expect different variations of the same thing over and over and over they new and different stuff all the time so get used to it!!!!!!!!!!
  2. elizamuffins

    Episode 252 — The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

    has Brett Gelman gone too Hollywood for Hollywood Afternoons?? I missed him for sure but this was still a great ep and I really enjoyed it.
  3. elizamuffins

    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    this is one of these movies that I thought may have been a fever dream until the advent of the internet and Google confirmed that YES this did happen. terrible scary confusing movie!
  4. elizamuffins

    Episode 249 — Ice Cold STaB

    really great pod! lost it when the Tab guys knocked on the door! Can't wait for The Birthday Boys show!
  5. elizamuffins

    Exit to Eden (1994)

    When this movie came out I was 15 and my older sister was working at a movie theater so I saw this for free.....being as I didn't pay I felt toally fine about walking out on it. Only movie to this day that I ever felt like I just couldn't bear another second. I am a big fan of Rosie and Dan Ackroyd too so I was really disappointed. Just sat in the lobby and waited for my dad to come pick me up instead. I believe Rosie lost a ton of weight for the role and when they had to do reshoots she had gained tons of weight lol.
  6. elizamuffins

    Episode 72 — Toys

    wait robin wright penn was a robot too? he didn't have sex with Joan Cusack's character did he? this movie was so hard to follow..did I miss something?
  7. elizamuffins

    Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

    if I was going to start a podcast called "How is This Not a How Did This Get Made?" this movie would be #1. This movie has it all! Supernatural powers, shapeshifting enemies, and a guy who strangles people with his intestines.
  8. elizamuffins

    Tammy & The T-Rex (1994)

    watched the whole thing on youtube, would recommend to a friend. I ended up making my own playlist so watching it in 8 parts wouldn't be so bad on the playstation. the movie is next level bonkers and stars Denise Richards and Paul Walker which is pretty insane! and there is this..
  9. elizamuffins

    Miami Connection (1987)

    so glad this movie found distribution! amazing! has to be a HDTGM.. the most fun I have had watchng a movie on my couch! FRIENDS FOR ETERNITY!
  10. elizamuffins

    Episode 66 — Demolition Man: LIVE!

    perhaps this has already been mentioned and addressed but it was Sandy Bullock's character who looked up what had happened to Stallone's wife and found she had been killed in the "BIG ONE"...wouldn't she have put 2 and 2 together if that had been her mom?
  11. The most troubling part of this movie for me was mom not answering the phone at the beginning. It was like they were setting it up for her to be really curmudgeonly and a real ball buster but then she shows up and she is adoring and doting. I mean yeah she nags him but she clearly would be happy to make her entire life about her son so why wouldn't she answer the phone when he calls? It would have made more sense for him to be at the bar and for his mom to call him! But what in this movie makes sense?
  12. loved this! hate watched the shit out of Entourage and this podcast had me in hysterics!
  13. elizamuffins

    Episode 212 — Comedy Bleep Bleep

    an instant classic!
  14. elizamuffins

    North (1994)

    to me this movie meets all the qualifications of a great HDTGM movie! Most of the cast is still working today! I cannot remember having seen it and as it came out when I was 15 I probably haven't! Loved Roger Ebert and agree this would be a timely movie to watch with his unfortunate passing.
  15. those cost more to replace than people who are pretty much walking around free for the taking.