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  1. Togabot

    Episode 7 β€” Follow the Whispers

    I love the whisper tech
  2. Amarth should drop a Upper-Decker in the Poop Deck.
  3. Togabot

    Episode 3 β€” In Search of Gear

    AHH Im so lame it took me 3 week to figure out what "nerd poker" means. This podcast made me go down to my local game shop to find a D&D group.
  4. Togabot

    Episode 1 β€” Let the Game Begin!

    ROFL Snooki the female dwarf.
  5. Togabot

    Episode 170 β€” New Scoop

    How is this episode not called hairy butthole?
  6. Togabot

    Episode 131 β€” Salty Language!

    Oh will I finally discover is Alison has a bald vagina? Tuning in!