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  1. WolfIsDead

    Character Drawings

    Mildred Maxxton and a bonus little farting cucumber thing. At this point in the show I sorta forgot what everyone was wearing, so I just threw some Xena leather and armor plates.
  2. WolfIsDead

    Patton's Song Cartoon

    I'm down to help animate and design things
  3. WolfIsDead

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Hey P-Bones, I was wondering- In that song "All That She Wants" By Ace Of Base, is the baby that she wants an actual baby, or the baby in all of us?
  4. WolfIsDead

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    I'm also interested in this!
  5. WolfIsDead

    Character Drawings

    The blade runner himself, Amarth Amon, putting a half-naked crew member out of her misery.
  6. WolfIsDead

    Double Team (1997)

    Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman team up as a world-class counter-terrorist and his flamboyant but deadly weapons dealer in this explosive action/adventure thriller! Made in 1997, this movie is a mess of bad pacing, terrible dialog, and a convoluted plot. You gotta see it.
  7. WolfIsDead

    Episode 43 — Wild Wild West

    I don't mind Kevin Smith as a person. That being said, he really sucked away time on this podcast which could have been spent talking about the movie. His long winded story about having some small insight to why there was a spider, wasn't nearly as interesting as everyone Else's thoughts about every other part of this, which they barely got to touch on. I love listening to this HDTGM because they focus on, and dissect a movie's bad qualities, costumes, dialog etc. and this was a goldmine. This was the first time I watched the movie in preparation for the podcast, and I laughed and I was like, oh man I can't wait to hear this one... then this happened. I got nothing but love for you guys, I was just disappointed, and hope the next one is better.