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  1. HollywoodsDumpingGroundVanBC

    Hercules in New York

    This is an all -time classic bad film.
  2. HollywoodsDumpingGroundVanBC

    One for the Money (2012)

    I agree, this movie is nothing more than Katherine Heigl in tight jeans. The poster sells the show.
  3. HollywoodsDumpingGroundVanBC

    Bad Halloween Movies!

    Does the Ebola Syndrome count as a Halloween film? Possibly the first unwatchable, unlistenable, unreviewable, HDTGM ever! "A restaurant employee murders his boss and mutilates his wife, he escapes to South Africa where he rapes a Zulu-girl, who is infected with the ebola virus. In the restaurant where he now works he murders his boss and the bosses wife after raping her. He chops them up and makes them into hamburgers, which he sells in the restaurant, spreading the ebola virus. When the police come on his trail he moves back to Hong Kong and an ebola epidemic starts there."
  4. HollywoodsDumpingGroundVanBC

    Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

    "But this isn't for our world, is it Mrs.Yutani?" What more do you expect from a movie filmed in Vancouver.
  5. HollywoodsDumpingGroundVanBC

    2012 (2009)

    Easily one of the worst movies ever made. More laughable then horrifying. The end of the film sort of becomes Star Trek on the seas with a Captain Stubing look alike at the helm of the ship. I know this show is "How did this get made?", but maybe we should be asking "Where did this get made?" instead. Yup you guessed it, Vancouver.
  6. HollywoodsDumpingGroundVanBC

    Dudley Do-Right (1999)

    Let's face it, almost every bad film you can think of was made in Vancouver. Including this one.
  7. HollywoodsDumpingGroundVanBC

    Final Destination 2

    Another made in Vancouver crapfest here. You know where the rest of them were made? Yup, Vancouver.
  8. HollywoodsDumpingGroundVanBC

    A Christmas Story 2

    Yup, made in Vancouver.
  9. HollywoodsDumpingGroundVanBC

    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    How did this get made? it was funded by the Canadian Government, that's how! This isn't really a "Canadian" film, it's a Quebecois film. Like so many other things in Canada it was made to appease the French. Love it or hate it but this film single handedly prevented civil war. Why is it so crazy? I don't know, everything that comes out of Quebec is sort of like this. Those people just have a different sensibility. Quebec is very different from the rest of North America, a "distinct society" as they like to call it.
  10. HollywoodsDumpingGroundVanBC

    Passion Play

    Hello HDTGM peeps, I just watched Passion Play and I was "carried away" by how bad this movie was! If there is a possible next stage to Birdemic, this could be it. It's like a remake of Michael but with Megan Fox in John Travolta's role. The end of this film looks and plays a little like the end of Megaforce if you can believe it. 'Awful', a 'mess' and 'an absolute car wreck' have been used to describe the film. Even Rourke has slammed the film saying: 'It's so bad. In your career and all the movies you make, you're going to make dozens of terrible ones.' This movie holds a 3% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Here's the official synopsis: A terrific cast will hold you spellbound in PASSION PLAY, a one of a kind seductive thriller from Mitch Glazer, the screenwriter of The Recruit. The last thing washed-up jazz musician Nate Pool (Academy Award®-nominee Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler) wanted to do was betray sinister gangster Happy Shannon (Academy-Award®-nominee Bill Murray, Lost in Translation). But it may be the last thing he does unless he can deliver Lily (Megan Fox, Transformers), a beautiful and mysterious carnival sideshow attraction. The stakes can't get any higher for the two lovers as they try to elude the merciless killer who will stop at nothing to keep Lily for himself. Kelly Lynch (Drugstore Cowboy) and Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill) costar in this gritty and unpredictable tale of redemption in the hard-boiled tradition of classic film noir. Written & Directed by: Mitch Glazer Starring: Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox, Bill Murray, Kelly Lynch & Rhys Ifans http://www.passionplaythefilm.com/ [media=''] [/media]