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  1. copopeJ

    Episode 3 — Mortality

    I tell ya, I often wonder how people deal with more than one kid. Even one is a lot of work. I have a friend that has twins, and I spend so much time feeling sorry for that guy. I'm slowly learning to deal with the lack of personal time that comes with a toddler. Yes, the rewards of being around him and watching him turn into a person are great, but it's an exhausting life. Does it ever slow down?
  2. copopeJ

    Episode 3 — Mortality

    I officially entered mid-life a couple months ago when I woke up in the middle of the night and spent two hours thinking, really thinking, about how I'm going to die some day, and my son and I won't have any more time together. It was terrible. Now I carry that around with me and I have no idea how to let it go. And the time management is hard. My wife spends all day with our son, so I feel like I should give her a break when I get home, but I want some time to myself, too. I have no idea where to get that unless there are more hours in the day, though. How do the rest of you fathers do it? Where do you get the time for just you?
  3. copopeJ

    Episode 2 — Multitasking

    I was totally hooked by the multitasking theme. I work from home a couple days a week, and I'm always trying to figure out how to get my work done and spend some quality time with my almost 2 year old. Where do you draw the line between seeing him have fun jumping on the bed and being able to read what you're doing in that same bed? I dunno.Being a dad is SO HARD!
  4. copopeJ

    Episode 1 — Love, Dad

    Finally, a podcast for me; a new dad who enjoys listening to comedy podcasts from the Earwolf network! My niche has been addressed! Seriously, great show. I will definitely keep listening.