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    Episode 2 — Multitasking

    Thanks for a great podcast. All of a sudden, I feel like my life has been pulled into some Harmonic Convergence with David Koechner. I had the pleasure of interviewing David Koechner for a small television station in Elmwood Park, IL while he was at Second City and was blessed to have had the opportunity. As life has changed and I have moved around, I have seen him show up in various roles from time to time. This week, I accidentally stumble upon him during an episode of Hollywood Babble On. Then, just before running out the door to drive from Springfield to St Louis, I stumble upon your podcast. Twice in one week on two different shows. Let’s just say the two podcasts could not be more different. With one podcast my wife’s ears would burn off, and the other one she would think he was sweet. It was nice to see his social conscious show up from time to time on both. There is great insight from both of you on this show. Keep up the fantastic work! Gratitude List 1. Dancing with my children Izzy and Seph to “Call Me Maybe” (leave me alone, the kids love it) before I had to leave town for the night. 2. Having my wife Brooke hug me and pray over me before leaving on my trip. She is my everything. 3. Having David Koechner continue to show up in my life in weird and interesting ways. He won’t remember the interview, but I was a young kid out of college and my first chance at any sort of television work. Basically Wayne’s World with slightly better equipment. I’ll never forget it. 4. Finding the Love, Dad podcast. 5. Having a healthy family and parents.