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    I love baseball and talking about baseball, which is why I love to listen to all the podballcasts(baseball podcasts) here at earwolf.
  1. Jerkface

    Episode 39 — There Is Ninjas

    My RSS feed just now updated to tell me that the final episode of RSS has aired, and I just want to say how touched I am that you guys gave me a shoutout even though I didnt post in a while due to my faulty RSS feed. It was really big of you to recognize the trouble the RSS feed has given me these past 2 years and you really stepped up and gave me a great shout out, though it would have been extra good if you had mentioned the RSS feed when you said I didn't post anymore. If theres one thing to take away from this whole crazy ride its that you should always clean out your RSS feed every spring cleaning because if not it gets clogged up and sometimes stops updating, which stops you from knowing when podcasts release their final episode or from posting about that podcast. Aloha!
  2. Jerkface

    Episode 230 — Something for Everything

    Reggie please stay N scale! I know HO scale is seductive because of the amount of detail you can get on them but there are more N scale trains and accessories and you can make more realistic rail systems thanks to the smaller size!! Edit: And I really loved Reggie's star wars song!!!
  3. Jerkface

    Episode 88 — Rubber Band Stand

    Finally I have discovered one of Neil Campbells sexual foibles!
  4. Jerkface

    Episode 223 — Roll Over, Seth Rogen

    I am all for any version of CBB which gets my twitter more airtime
  5. Besser's total amusement at the yellow jacket scenario in the trial is amazing
  6. I loved all the scene changes !
  7. Jerkface

    Hungerstrike til the show comes back

    The first item in our auction is a pipin' hot delicious baked patata
  8. Sean Hayes filmed a pilot and has a new show, clearly using RSS to springboard into the NBC thursday night lineup. The new butt must come from all that pilot money. Don't forget the little people when your new, fancy butt is up in the clouds, Sean Hayes!!!
  9. Jerkface


  10. Jerkface

    Episode 28 — Journalist By Nature

    I thought they were just putting a funny pronunciation on 'reality doesn't bits' because they never do any bits, they just give us the straight dope on some reality shows???? This is a reality show infocast (informational podcast) right?
  11. Jerkface


    Please read the title in the form of a chant. This is unconscionable. The show cannot go on hiatus. If it does then I'm gonna go on hiatus! FROM LIFE. The gall of you, to not produce and give to us each week a free show. REALITY IS BITING. AHGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!EEFsfbh
  12. Jerkface

    Episode 78 — The A Crew

    You should take your baby name suggestions on Twitter. Baby Harold.
  13. Any time you have a wunderkind like Zach Woods you know its a good episode. Throw in Colton and Charlie and we got a winner.