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    Haha thanks guys I'm laughing just about as hard as when I heard him say it.
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    These are great! I can't believe nobody has done "Wet blood farts" from last weeks episode.
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    The Resident

    This movie stars Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan...Count Dooku/Saruman has a minor role in the film. I don't want to give too much away, but if you are looking for a thriller movie that isn't much of a thriller with terrible foreshadowing, watch this! Some things just didn't make sense, and the whole time I couldn't figure out if Hilary Swank was playing a doctor or a nurse or an orderly? Like what is she? I only figured out she was a doctor when I looked the movie up on imdb. Hilary Swank was an executive producer of this film, and I think it could have been really good, I think they are great actors but it seemed like a shameless plug by Hilary Swank to show off her T & A and at one point her V...I literally said "REALLY?" at my computer screen while watching the movie... more than once. This is not the worst movie I've ever seen (I have watched Birdemic) but this is one of those movies where I can't believe someone thought it was a good idea to make it.