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  1. Har Mar you steal my heart, more twittles is always a good thing
  2. Holy shit! Cedric Bixler-Zavala would be the biggest guest so far in my book. Grand stellar superb stupendous episode, many thanks
  3. IvoryMonsoon

    Episode 15 — Skull and Two Bones

    Anders, NOICE!
  4. Great, great, great just great
  5. Another stellar episode, best show on the earwolf network!
  6. IvoryMonsoon

    Episode 182 — Repeat Your Keyword

    Wa Wa Wi Wa 2 episodes in a week i likey
  7. Did you feed Erin a shitload of pixie dust or something? took him awhile to settle into it, another good episode though, definitly enjoying them
  8. IvoryMonsoon

    Episode 179 — Pitch Slapped

    Adam Devine, have mercy brother, im flexin in anticipation
  9. Another stellar episode, keep em coming
  10. IvoryMonsoon

    New home page

    looks stupendous! keep up the good work
  11. IvoryMonsoon

    This is ....

    Hell yeah, easily my fav of the new podcasts up on earwolf, cant wait to hear more!
  12. Loved the first ep, what could make the second any better!? Why Mr. Tompkins of course