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  1. adventureface

    EPISODE 118 — Chris Gethard, Our Close Friend

    Sandwich night? More like Manwich morning! #yummyinmysloppyjoecentercalledmycorealsoknownasmystomach
  2. Dan Deacon Live is one of the most incredible things you can see, and is just overwhelmingly positive. It's really moving.
  3. Having sex with Ann Coulter was a deleted scene from Dante's Inferno
  4. adventureface

    EPISODE 210 — Entering From the Rear

    Holy shit the bit with Eric KILLED ME.
  5. adventureface

    EPISODE 375 — Wompler's REAL 17th B-Day Womptacular

    "I collect stories about road bingo" murdered me.
  6. adventureface

    EPISODE 203 — Bitter Beer Face

  7. adventureface

    Episode 90 — Brian Huskey, Our LIVE Friend

    This was a great series finale
  8. adventureface

    Episode 89 — Erin Whitehead, Our Close Friend

    I wonder if Brett says "Peas Out?" when he leaves a building.
  9. adventureface

    Episode 86 — Ross Mathews, Our Close Friend

    I pointed a gun at my girlfriend (and by gun I mean my iPhone 6 because, what am I? John Wilkes Phone Booth?) and made her listen to nothing but Hollywood Phonebook the whole downtime while I was up at FORM with a bunch of strangers and you know what she said? "Hey this podcast has changed me!" and that is what I want the world to know is that you can go camping with a bunch of bleep bloopers and artsies, and have the solace of "Sayire" waiting for you in a Wolf Cool aid Cool Burst. Love, Adventureface. The best part of this episode of Friends was when the Android got embarrassed about his lack of emotion
  10. I was afraid that Mitchel Crombin wasn't going to have album