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  1. 20SA

    Episode 167 β€” Win Before The Snap

    You had quite a bit wrong with that Nate Burleson story... http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20131001/SPORTS0101/310010095/1126/SPORTS0101/Lions-receiver-Nate-Burleson-responds-after-TMZ-posts-911-call-from-accident Alcohol was not a factor and he did not hit a tree...he hit a freeway median wall.
  2. 20SA

    Generation Gaps

    I enjoyed this. Will be listening more. Did I miss this? Will this be a weekly show?
  3. I'm not sure why are people are acting like Armen is a replacement for Howard, or even comparing the two. COOL YER JETS!
  4. 20SA

    Episode 156 β€” Drunkle

    I never noticed it on other episodes, so I thought it was Oscar. I could be wrong though. Either way, it was pretty bad. Otherwise I enjoyed Oscar and the episode.
  5. I didn't really notice her until WYR started. I actually found the constant laughing of the audience more annoying. Still had some good laughs, but I enjoy studio episodes more.
  6. Still taking applications for the Social Media job? Full time? Basic benefits? I'm willing to move...
  7. Only 15min in but hearing PFT laughing in the background at Scott-a-bot and Hodgman's banter is delightful.
  8. 20SA

    Episode 152.5 β€” Sklarbro County 57

    Spot Doggerman's voices were hilarious. I'd love to hear Kenneth on CBB.
  9. 20SA

    Episode 223 β€” Roll Over, Seth Rogen

    I listen to CBB for the characters and laughs. If I wanted to listen to an interview that was solely happening to plug an upcoming movie I could listen to about 25 other podcasts, or watch late night interview shows. There were a few laughs, and I didn't hate the episode, but I hope this is isn't a recurring trend for CBB.
  10. The Netflix category β€œMovies Starring Actors Who Look Like Zach Galifianakis” was an April Fools Joke. They had quite a few weird, hyper-specific categories that day.
  11. 20SA

    Episode 130 β€” Naked Oil Boy Fights

    It's either dead bodies or hoarding. Or maybe even hoarding of dead bodies. Either way the smell has to be terrible.
  12. Yes. Kurt Vonnegut. Cat's Cradle and Breakfast of Champions. Great books, read them if you haven't. And as always, fun episode.
  13. 20SA

    Volume control on the new flash player?

    I have not had issues pausing the podcasts but I do miss the volume controls. Not a huge deal, but it was nice to have.
  14. Earwolf Team, I can't be the only one who'd appreciate links, or at least artist and song listed in the OP for the songs played throughout the episode. I'm not often able to jot down the names or remember while listening. Being able to find them here would be helpful.
  15. Your avatar says otherwise. EDIT: Well I guess I should say something about the episode too: Was pretty good, hard to tell if Conan was being serious sometimes or not.
  16. Next Writer's Room episode for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fobPVr5yIqI
  17. Huge fan of Documents Monthly (www.DocMon.com).
  18. 20SA

    Episode 118 β€” Shit Fits

    This guy is unbearable. Only made it 15 minutes.
  19. I have not listened to improve4humans before but with a title like "Fill My Butt With Air!" how could I skip it?
  20. 20SA

    Episode 116 β€” Feel The Night

    My tweet was vaguely mentioned at the beginning. I meant no malice by it! https://twitter.com/...025311870775297
  21. For people have seen the live version already, Bill Cosby Bukowski is wasted, right? Great episode. Lots of laughs.
  22. Good episode. Jason is good about calling Howard out on his nonsense and it makes it that much more hilarious.
  23. Where's the list of the songs?
  24. 20SA

    Episode 1 β€” No Homo

    I'm in the market for a new phone case. These sound pretty sweet, where can I get one. No homo, of course.