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  1. johnnyhaggis

    Best of 2016: Your Choices

    The Silicon Valley episode was one of the best CBB's ever...
  2. johnnyhaggis

    EPISODE 385 β€” The Beatles of Cults

    I haven't gotten to the character segment yet (I assume it's coming after this commercial), but there really needs to be a CBB Solo Bolo series - listeing to Mulaney and Scoot Auk talk endlessly in circles about nonsense is just endlessly entertaining. And although I know that all the info in that discussion is pure B.S. I feel like I'm being informed and learning something about all the topics discussed (Lincoln top hats, Bill Clinton, Louis Gosset Sr., etc ad infinitum) - ooh, here's Lauren Lapkus...
  3. johnnyhaggis

    EPISODE 378 β€” Mailer Daemon

    Catching up on CBB.. this episode is almost entirely founded on ill-conceived, concepts and character (Jeffrey Characterwheaties, Mailer Dæmon) which go nowhere and make less sense... Best episode of 2015!!!
  4. johnnyhaggis

    Episode 301 β€” They're Twins Jonah!

    Wow, this one was also fucking awesome - it actually rivals the Andy Daly/Mantzoukas episode. I don't know why but I was actually surprised that Kumail Nanjiani and Jonah Ray would be fun on a podcast like this. They're funny on stage, and their own podcasts are fun, but I somehow imagined that they took themselves too seriously to get into the silliness of CBB... but I was totally fucking wrong!
  5. johnnyhaggis

    Episode 300 β€” Oh, Golly! You Devil

    Jesus Christ, that man (Andy Daly/Satan) is a fucking genius. He needs like 3 podcasts and five tv shows to handle all the shit that's flying out of him on a continual basis... This episode is some kind of podcast masterpiece.
  6. johnnyhaggis

    Is By The Way going to come back?

    Cool! I figured it was toast while he was doing Goldbergs
  7. Hahahaha, I just started listening to the finale... live commentary on top of an audio podcast - why did it take so long for someone to come up with this idea?
  8. Cool! Except that means they'll actually be talking about U2 a lot every episode, which kind of ruins it!
  9. Damn. They need to quit their jobs and just do a full time What's Your Deductible, Bro? podcast.
  10. Thanks. I mean this in all seriousness: who cares about U2's new album!? The podcast is pure entertainment regardless of U2. It's more fun to hear them talk about Billy Joel... Has there been a poll yet on how many fans of this podcast actually care about U2? I bet the numbers are low! I seriously prefer it when they don't talk about U2,mor only peripherally. It makes it that much funnier when Scoot 1 reminds us thst this is the complete comprehensive compendium of all things U2. I know I' masking dumb questions that will be answered when I hear the episode, but is the hiatus because they don't have time to keep doing the show (which would make sense), or because they think they're getting low on content (which would be crazy)?
  11. I haven't gotten to this episode yet - did they mention when they'll resume, or if they'll resume? Seriously this is my favourite podcast. Like of all podcasts. And I fucking hate U2. These guys can just talk about farts for two hours and it'd be entertaining. And that was a new episode of "Talkin' Farts! With Scott and Scott"...
  12. johnnyhaggis

    Episode 274 β€” Oh, Golly!

    OK, so Andy Daly clearly started the first 20 seconds of this appearance with a british accent! Has this been discussed? Does he totally invent these characters on the spot? Several appearances ago he started off with an australian accent for a few seconds, but noone believed me when I pointed it out... this one was for real! Also, the fact that this episode, which heralds the final apocalyptic battle between the forces of Good and Evil, has been *completely* ignored by the mainstream media is a sad statement about the entire institution of corporate run newsmedia.
  13. I don't think there's any issue with mysoginy (it's obvious that everyone is making fun of mysoginists, not women) and the only real issue for me with wompler trashing her body is that it kind seemed out of place. Regardless, it was a really really entertaining episode. Maybe I'm just very infkluencible, but in general, the more Inhear people choking with laughter when they're trying to do characters, the more I laugh with them
  14. Jesus Christ that was one of the most entertaining podcasts I've ever heard. Clearly Don Dimello's going to end up with his own podcast which will lead to a hit prime time major network series. Looking forward to it.
  15. johnnyhaggis

    Episode 264 β€” Creating A Krolliverse

    WTF - there needs to be a "SPOILER ALERT" warning on this episode! Now all the cliffhangers from Kroll Show season one are ruined! Now I know the secrets of Wheels Ontario! I've been waiting all year for this, and now it's all ruined!!!! We need to sue for emotional damages! Who's with me? btw - TOTALLY AGREE WITH SCOTT on pooping in bathroom stalls. Will absolutely never poop when someone is in the stall next to me. Agh.