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    Megaforce (1982)

    One more recommendation for MegaForce: My 12 year old self LOVED this movie - and it is completely insane.
  2. OMG - this was a Maria B TOUR DE FORCE. She was on fire. And I would totally listen to the Shaun Tax Forms report.
  3. This really happened - well it happened in a dream, but the dream was REAL.
  4. Mal Bachman is a delight - his eagerness and his accent that keeps veering SLIGHTLY toward New Zealand...
  5. This one had me actually doubled over with laughter - the interview was great, the improv was bananas. "Your mom is great!" "That's why I married her!" THANK YOU!!!!
  6. Oh my god this was one of the best. GOOGLE IT! Also, I had to post because the ads were GLORIOUS. I loved the "man on the street" interviews. It was a no-skip episode for sure.
  7. Oh my god - the british accents in this... And of COURSE you did have to wind up doing SOME singing... I loved this episode and I loved the extended chat with Zach and Jess. Wonderful.
  8. I loved everything about this episode... now I'm off to an evening playing minigolf at GREGS!
  9. Oh goodness - the improv was so wonderful on this. Amanda lead off with the "you shut your goddamn mouth, Cindy" - I had to stop right there to catch my breath. The unflappable, mellow rich owner, the panicky world's fair coordinators, and then the brilliant sidebar of PFT being an old priest... it was just a pleasure. THANK YOU!!!
  10. So much to love on this one - I loved Eugene's "hanging around guy", the baton-passing therapy sessions, the firemen's names, Tawny doing a "Chicago Guy" as she does, and the whole "Wake up and be there" thing - it was ridiculous and hilarious. Would have been a great show to watch!
  11. This tour is really letting Mike Hanford shine - that was one of my favorite John Lennon appearances - Olympic medals and helicopter rides and sandwich crusts... plus the Dune recaps? And I do love it when PFT and LL pair up a prudish character (JW Stillwater) with a blue one (Whitney Peeps). After the sort of rough start in Brisbane, this felt... GOOD to me.
  12. This times a thousand - this was an all around fantastic episode: I always love Claudia, but her "supportive" rapport with ALW was so good, and it stopped PFT sin his tracks everal times. But Mike Hanford's hay salesman... my god, the effort it must take to keep everything just SO MUNDANE: It's like watching him tip toe around any yes-and or punchline opportunity - such skillful evasion! And Scott's growing "frustration"... I loved it. I was also SO happy that the "Haypenny god bless you" got the rich groan it deserved.
  13. JimB-Reay

    Ask Paul!

    Paul, I just want to say I love the show, and am REALLY appreciative of the effort you put into making sure there's diversity in there - I love the perspectives and energy that come from your growing cadre of performers. Thank you for being inclusive AND hilarious.
  14. Big Chunky Bubbles was like a Classic Jarles that didn't physically injure PFT